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Real Madrid to donate one million euros to help displaced people in Ukraine

NEWS STORY. 16/03/2022

The funds will be donated to the Red Cross and UNHCR, as well as to other Foundation partners in conflict areas.

Real Madrid C.F. will donate one million euros to the "Everyone with Ukraine" campaign, which was launched by the Real Madrid Foundation on 5 March, as part of the effort to help alleviate the humanitarian needs of those displaced in Ukraine, a country where the Foundation works alongside the main international NGOs with whom it has been collaborating with for decades in several countries with projects aimed at providing assistance to children in need. The Red Cross and UNHCR (among others such as Cesal and Salesian Missions) are the organisations with emergency projects on the ground, along with the Foundation's partner school in Ukraine, Epicenter for children, which has adapted its operations to meet the basic needs of the local population. Similarly, to support the welcoming of refugees in Spain, whose primary care is provided by the Red Cross and Cesal, 13,000 items of clothing and sporting equipment have also been donated to the Red Cross and Cesal centres in Madrid.
Allocation of the campaign funds
The Red Cross has mobilized a large team on the Ukrainian borders and some of the funds raised by the Real Madrid Foundation campaign will be allocated to the Spanish Red Cross, who are working closely with the National Societies in the region and focusing their efforts on: integrated assistance and psychosocial support in Ukraine, working together with the Danish Red Cross, in the southwest of Ukraine, on the Romanian border, providing basic necessities and psychosocial care, in the city of Chernivtsi, as well as other initiatives. The Red Cross in Spain is providing care in its primary care centres for the first refugees arriving from Ukraine, and the Real Madrid Foundation has donated sports and recreational material for the children.
Meanwhile, UNHCR in Ukraine is distributing blankets, sleeping mats and other basic items in the central Ukrainian city of Kryvyi Rig, where more than 700 Ukrainians have arrived in the past few days seeking safety. They are also monitoring the situation on Ukraine's borders with Poland, Romania, Moldova and Hungary as well as working with the authorities in those countries to provide support and assistance when welcoming refugees in these neighbouring countries.
Salesian Missions' task in Ukraine is to welcome children, women and elderly people to its facilities who have no fuel, electricity or heating due to the bombings in many areas in the east, north and south of the country. It is assisting displaced Ukrainians at its centres in Lviv, Novosilka, Kiev, Dnipro, Bibrka, Peremyshk, Peremysh, Kiev and Kiev: Bibrka, Peremyshlyany, Zhytomyr, Korostyshiv and Odessa; whilst refugees outside Ukraine are being looked after in Poland and Slovakia.
The NGO Cesal is working to provide emergency support to vulnerable families and internally displaced persons in the Leopolis area and on the Polish border. Across the border in Poland, it is working alongside AVSI Polska, the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Poland and Caritas Leopoli, gathering and purchasing medicines and sending them through a strong logistical network to the Polish-Ukrainian border. Cesal is also working on the Ukrainian border with Romania, in Siret, in partnership with FDP-Protagoniști în educație, a local partner of the Real Madrid Foundation in Romania, whose work focuses on collecting and distributing food. The Real Madrid Foundation in Spain has donated a consignment of more than 13,000 items of warm clothing and sportswear for the primary care of refugees arriving from Ukraine and being cared for by CESAL.
Finally, the NGO Epicentr for children, which since 2018 has been working with the Real Madrid Foundation in seven social sporting schools in the cities of Ternopil, Irpin, Jmelnitsky and Kiev, in Ukraine, reaching 800 children, will also receive part of the funds from the campaign to help support the social sporting school participants and their families, who are already being looked after at the Ternopil social sporting school facilities where they are collecting and distributing food as well as organising the logistics from the evacuation zones to the Polish border.
The Real Madrid Foundation's "Everyone with Ukraine" campaign will continue as long as necessary to provide a direct donation channel that helps provide for the needs of the displaced population both in Ukraine and in the bordering countries as well as welcoming refugees in Spain.

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