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Ancelotti: "We face a very tough game and will need to be at our best"

NEWS STORY. 27/11/2021. Rodrigo Salamanca

"Sevilla are a well organised side with real quality, but we're on a good run", declared the coach.

Carlo Ancelotti addressed the media in an online press conference ahead of the LaLiga Matchday 15 encounter against Sevilla at the Santiago Bernabéu (9pm CET): "It'll be a very demanding game. We face a very organised side with real quality. We'll need to be at our best and we're capable of producing our best because we're on a good run. Sevilla have many qualities".

"Valverde will be in the squad, he's trained well. Alaba trained but felt a little bit of discomfort and we'll take a look at him tomorrow. If we can see that there's any sort of risk, he won't play. It's not a serious one because the ligament isn't affected. We'll have to see tomorrow. We never take any risks with my players. Hazard trained today, but he's still feeling the effects of the gastroenteritis. Bale has started doing some individual work. Ceballos is making good progress and will be able to work with the rest of the players in the coming days".

Clubs's future
"I've spoken about the future of this club, which has always been very clear. We've got a new stadium and a squad with a lot of young, quality players. This means that this club's future will be better. I haven't talked about any names or strengthening the squad because we've already got a very good squad with quality and a good blend of experience and youth. I imagine that new stadium with Ancelotti in charge. Real Madrid will play at the new stadium and I hope I'll be here".

Vinicius Jr.
“He didn't perform to the standard he usually does in the game against Sheriff. I don't think it's a case of him being tired. Vini is a player who has to play on the left and he’ll continue to do so regardless of the teammates who are alongside him”. 
The squad
“In every game, I try to make a collective and individual assessment of the players and the strategy to ensure that we field the strongest side. Whenever I see that a player is tired or isn't on form, I change things. I don't want to change things when they're working well. I don't want to rest a player who’s not tired. It’ll rest a player if they’re tired. When a player isn't tired, I'll play them, if I want to”.

“We have to be pleased with what we’ve achieved so far. We've performed well and have to improve. We have the chance to head into Christmas in good shape. After having got to know the squad better, I love this group of players because there are many positive aspects to this squad. The players get on well together, are committed and gracious. I like the atmosphere within the squad”.
Football philosophy
“The key is to play a style of football that my players and I are used to. For example, controlling things in the middle of the park and being efficient in attack. We have the quality to come up with different solutions, in terms of positional play, on the counter-attack and from set pieces. That's what the team has shown”.
Champions League
"Some of the groups are fiercely contested. Villarreal, Atlético, Barcelona and Sevilla have a chance of going through. We’ll have to wait and see. I don't think that we'll be the only Spanish team in the last 16. There'll be other teams too".
“I'm not inside Hazard’s head and I can only base things on what I see. He's a player who's had bad luck. He's got quality and he wants to do the best for this team because his dream has always been to play for Real Madrid. There are spells in your career in which you have a tough time of things. He has to hang in there because ultimately things will work out well for him, if it's what he wants. He's doing everything in his power to be a success at Real Madrid. It wasn't an injury, it was a strong bout of gastroenteritis that has affected him. He trained at low intensity because it's still affecting him”. 

“I've read what his agent said. Those comments were made by somebody that I don't know. What I do know is that Bale doesn't share that thinking because he respects our fans and has always respected them. The fans might have jeered him, but he's not the only player to have been jeered by the fans”.

Mbappé o Haaland
“I like good players and both of them are good players”.