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Ancelotti: “The players have come back in good shape and we have to continue our positive run"

NEWS STORY. 20/11/2021

“The calendar is too much, there are lots of games, injuries and low quality football", said the coach.

Carlo Ancelotti appeared in an online press conference ahead of the clash with Granada on LaLiga matchday 14 (4:15pm CET) at the Nuevo Los Cármenes: “We're used to this. The players have come back in good shape. I must say, we now have what is a very important and interesting period. The team looks good, we're ready and I hope we can continue the positive run we were on before the international break".

Bale's situation was fairly clear before. He was cleared to go, they assessed him and then he played and got injured. Perhaps the assessment wasn't quite adequate and now our idea is to get the player back because we want him here and believe he can be useful for our team this season. We have to do things right so we can get him recovered and back with the team soon".

Playing for Madrid again
Bale as a Wales player obviously has a special affinity for his national side, but he wants to play for Real Madrid whatever happens as well. He can't wait to be back playing. He has to train well and then play for us. That's what I see when he's training”.

“He's got his personality and that should be respected. If he doesn't wish to use social media, we should respect that. Together, we'll do all we can because it's not true we're at odds with him. We'll try and get him back as soon as possible".

“It's not the first time we've had to play loads of games. What is clear is that it's too much, everyone is saying the same thing. The calendar is too much. The players say it, they clubs say it, the coaches say it... It has to change. The current situation in football is no good. I hope the changes are made with good sense. There are too many games, injuries and low quality football".

“We're coming into the game overloaded, it's to be expected. I'm fairly pleased we haven't had too many problems in this period. Rodrygo is back, I think we'll get Valverde back next week and we hope Hazard will recover quickly from his stomach bug. The team is not bad physically and I hope we have a good run up until Christmas because we have lots of very important games. We're up against teams that will demand a lot from us physically and mentally".

Hazard is like any player who doesn't play too much. He's not happy. It would bother me if he were happy as he tries to come through this difficult spell. He's had some bad luck, he picked up a stomach bug and will have to stay at home for two or three days, meaning he's not available tomorrow".

Tough leadership
“Each person has their way of leading. With respect, you can do it however you like. I don't think I'm a tough leader because it's not in my character to be harsh. My experience is that I have never had parents or teachers who have been very tough. I don't know what it is but I respect people who use that approach".

Playing in Granada on Sunday, then travelling on Tuesday
“If we'd have played on Saturday, we'd have had less time for the players away with their national teams to recover. Playing tomorrow's game is fine, we can prepare well for Wednesday's game too".

Assessment of the season so far
“Since the last international break the team has improved and we've looked for increased continuity. We are confident and have a good team dynamic. We have to keep it up because we have some important games. We're coming into this point of the season in good shape, I have absolute faith that we'll do a good job up until Christmas".
Working on defence using videos
“We use videos a lot because we don't have the time to work on it intensely out on the pitch. Militão got back yesterday and I have to show him videos of what he's done well, or less so. They're short videos, about 10-15 minutes' long, my assistants prepare them. They usually put together an individual video for each player, not just the defenders, and then we prepare a collective video to work on defensive and attacking aspects".

“It will be an interesting game, I'll be watching it. Xavi will bring something new to a team against whom we'll have to fight to the end and if there are new elements, I'd like to find them out early".