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Espanyol - Real Madrid

Ancelotti: “We didn't play well and it's a deserved result"

NEWS | 03/10/2021

“We need to turn this around and work on the mistakes we made today as well”, reflected the coach.
Carlo Ancelotti answered questions for the media in the press room of the RCD Stadium following Espanyol's clash with Real Madrid on LaLiga matchday eight: “Today's defeat was no accident. We didn't play well and we deserved to lose. The reaction came too late and we're worried because two consecutive defeats isn't normal for this team. We need to turn this around and work on the mistakes we made today as well”.

“I agree. We played poorly. There's not really much to say, we didn't play well. We started with a plan and following the goal we weren't able to stay calm and stick to that plan. There was confusion on the pitch. The team were not well set up with or without the ball. I have to be honest, it's our worst performance. Now we've got the international break and in this situation, it's better to play again quickly, straight away, but we'll have to use the break to reflect and see how the team's attitude has changed and move on".

Set up
"The way we set up was pretty clear. I'm not here to explain the set up to you, but I agree that the team looked disorganised. We didn't have the right balance in possession and we have to put that right. I've already spoken about it with the players and they agree. We tried to do our thing but not in an aggressive way, we lost a lot of duels, we weren't very direct on the ball. I'm referring to the technical and tactical parts of our performance".

Alaba at full-back
"I thought he could help in the attacking side of things. He did, he pushed forward a lot. There were moments when we weren't balanced on that side, but it wasn't his fault. The midfield has to cover positions and sometimes we weren't in the right places".