Carvajal, renovado hasta 2025

Carvajal: “I can't imagine my life without wearing this jersey”

NEWS | 30/07/2021

"It's up to me to step up and be an important component of this project as we look to win more titles", said the player.
After extending his contract until 2025, Dani Carvajal gave his first interview to the club's official media: "A whole life with the Whites. It's the most important thing for me. I can't imagine my life, or that of my family, without wearing this jersey, without representing these colours, and I hope to play out this contract and many more and to retire here. I can say that I have achieved virtually all my dreams, I've realised a lot of them. What's great about this jersey is the ambition it creates and the ability each year to refresh those dreams and to go out and fulfil them again. The success of this team is the result of that".

"That young boy who wanted to play for Real Madrid whatever it takes, who worked hard every day, fighting to make his dreams come true. The years go by but that feeling as a child remains intact. This club has watched me grow up, it's watching my son grow up and seeing how I have created a family, it's fantastic. Being able to have spent time in the old Sports City, to lay the first stone in the new one, to play in the Santiago Bernabéu, to play in the new one, these are moments that go hand in hand with the club and I'm very proud".

The keys to success
"Through hard work, sacrifice, values, talent and effort it's possible to get to the first team. You have to then make most of every moment and carry out every single task in every training session as if it were the last one in order to stay here. Ultimately, you have to live in the moment, leave nothing inside yourself and y doing that, the success comes and the ability to be here for years to come".

The best moments
"There's so many. It'd be difficult to choose just one, but I'd have to say that for everyone who has experienced this glorious period, la Décima was the catalyst for everything, even though it was the second title we won that year after the Copa del Rey against Barcelona. La Décima represents a little bit of everything, the journey of a successful group, of belief and passion".

Ancelotti is a top coach. He gave me my debut and helped me become an important player.

Carvajal's routine
"I like to step onto the pitch with my right foot first. I usually pray in the second toilet from the left before matches and I put my right sock on first. They're simple things but they're things that I do without thinking now".

"Carlo is a top coach, in every sense of the word. When I returned from Germany, I spent my first season with him and I my debut under him and he allowed me to become an important player. I ended up making the position my own and gaining his trust".

The importance of family
"The education I received from my parents was essential in order for me to be here today and for me to have been able to extend my contract until I'm 33 years old. They are a very important part of my life every day. Both when things go well and when they don't. They are the ones who lend me a hand and help me to move forward and for that reason I like to share these experiences with them. Family is the most important thing in life".

Grateful to the club
"I can only thank them. I can only say thank you for everything that Real Madrid has given me. The club has made me the person I am, it has shaped me as a footballer, making me appreciate everything so much more. I can only say thank you very much, Carvajal will be around for a while and it's time to take a step forward and be an important component of this project as we look to win more titles".