Militão: “I want to win many trophies and make history at Real Madrid”

NEWS | 03/05/2021

The central defender was the special guest in the latest edition of Realmadrid TV's Campo de estrellas show.
Éder Militão took centre stage in the latest instalment of Realmadrid TV's Campo de estrellas show as the Brazilian centre-back reflected on his career and his arrival at the club: "I hope to spend the rest of my career here. It also depends on me and working hard every day and looking after myself to make sure that everything works out. It would be incredible to win the Champions League, it'd be a dream come true for everyone. I hope to win the competition more than once. I always have to think positive thoughts. I believe that I can be a success here and put a lot of smiles on the faces' fans. I want to win many trophies and make history at Real Madrid. That's my dream".

"I began playing football a little bit late, but I played for the club where my dad worked. When I told him that I wanted to play, he was surprised. The children asked my dad if I was any good and he said that he didn't know. I was the last player to be picked, but when the game started everyone was gobsmacked. It was from the moment that I had a desire to play. I learned a lot and matured and I continue to learn every single day".

Joining Madrid
"When I signed for Real Madrid everything happened so fast. In the space of less than a year, I was in Madrid and living out a dream. I'm playing alongside some great players, all of whom are my heroes. It makes me really happy to be at the greatest club in the world".

Relationship with Casemiro
"Casemiro and I talk to each other a lot and he helps me out because he's older than I am.  RodrygoVini Jr. and I are newer to the club and he helps us out. He's like a brother to me because our career path is similar. We're both from São Paulo and he also helps me in the national team, both on and off the pitch. We always talk to each other, he's a brother to me, he really helps me".

It makes me really happy to be at the greatest club in the world.

"I felt nervous when I made my debut, but I think that's to be expected. I was happy to be playing my first game and living out a dream. It was also for my family and everyone who could see that I was happy. I'm shy off the pitch, but I don't know quite what happens when I get out on the pitch. I don't like to lose, I want to win and that's why I think I become a different person out there. I'm focused and give my all during the games".

Debut season
"My first season was a learning curve for me because it was a new league for me. I think that I put in some good performances and it was a learning journey. I won a trophy for Real Madrid in a penalty shootout and was a bit nervous, but it was a great feeling of joy and pride when we won it".

What does it mean to be at Real Madrid?
"Being at Real Madrid, the best club in the world, brings with it a bit of pressure, but that's a good thing, I enjoy it. We're got Varane and Ramos, who have won so much together. There's also pressure because I have to work hard, but I do so and that's all there is to it. I need to show what I can do in every game and day in, day out in training. I'm going to slowly but surely earn my place and respect from the rest of the players".