Rueda de prensa de Zidane

Zidane: "This group has won a lot but is always hungry for more"

NEWS | 17/04/2021

"The squad is committed and focused on what'll be a really tough game against Getafe", commented the coach.
Zinedine Zidane took to the media room at Real Madrid City following the team's final training session ahead of Sunday's LaLiga Matchday 33 trip to Getafe (9pm CET). The boss previewed the game in the following terms: "I'm sure that the fans are proud of the team and as the coach, I'm really happy because all of the players are very committed. We now face 10 games in the space of a month and it's just the way it is. It's the situation we face, but we're pleased to be in the hunt in both competitions. We're focused because we've got a really important game tomorrow. This group has won a lot but is always hungry for more".

"It's been an intense time with demanding games, but the important thing is that we're in very good shape mentally. We face a really tough physical test tomorrow and there are three points at stake. The squad is committed and focused on what'll be a really tough game against Getafe".

Squad rotation?
"The plan is that we're all involved in this project and we know that we've got 10 games to go. We're going to try and keep doing what we've been doing up until now and use all of the squad. We've had a lot of players out, but those who have played have performed well and that speaks volumes of the character of this group. We haven't won anything yet and we have to keep on working".

"My biggest strength in this role is that I enjoy myself every day and I've got
a team that works really hard and is always hungry for more, despite having already won so much. We're going to keep battling and working because we also known how to dig in and that’s something you have to do if you're going to win games. The result of our work is that it allows you to achieve something really special".

The players believe in what they do and the challenges make us stronger.

"The players believe in what they do and the challenges make us stronger. I'm really proud of that and that they're always hungry for more. Seeing my player so focused on everything we do fills me with joy. They're ready and we need to recover. Recovery is all about the small details to make sure you're ready when the games come round".

His role as coach 
"I'm happy, but am just focusing on tomorrow's game. I never look into the future. I'm here and will fight until the last day. It's true that I'm lucky enough to coach this team and to be at this great club. I don't think that I'm an awful coach, but I'm sure that I'm not the best around. I enjoy what I do and the important thing is that you're passionate about the things you enjoy".

"I know where I am and the important thing is that you always give your best. That's what I and my players, who are the most important ones, do. I'd like to talk more about football, but it's as if people are more interested in talking about other things. I think that it's better that we talk about football because I know that you all enjoy talking about football".

Florentino Pérez to continue as president
"I'm delighted that he's continuing on as president, but I'm not looking any further ahead than tomorrow's game. Nobody knows what'll happen later, so we just have to focus on the day to day".

Hazard and Carvajal
"You'll see the squad later this afternoon or this evening. Hazard is fine and is doing far better and wants to be back with the team. We've got a game tomorrow and we'll have to see if he's involved with us. We're being more cautious because both he and Carvajal suffered setbacks. They're doing better and that's good news for the team".

Praise for Militão
"He's committed and has performed well in recent weeks. All of the players want more game time and have seen that he's ready and he's done well".

Quality of French coaches
"Coach education is really good in France and I don't agree that there's a lack of quality, not at all".