Rueda de prensa de Zidane

Zidane: “Every game is a final from here on out, starting with Éibar”

NEWS | 02/04/2021 | PHOTOGRAPHER: Helios de la Rubia

"They're going to demand real intensity and we can only afford to focus on this game", said the coach.
Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane, appeared in an online press conference ahead of the clash with Éibar on LaLiga matchday 29 (Saturday, 4:15pm CEST): “We're happy to be back playing again, that's the key thing. We know we're heading into the closing stages and every game is vital. We've got 15 games left, 15 finals, and we want to be there at the end, starting with tomorrow's game. It's going to be a really intense game against opposition who will come here to play flat out. We can only afford to think about tomorrow's match, nothing else. Everything we do in this run-in, every moment, is going to be important".
“Ramos's injury is nobody's fault, not the national side, nor Real Madrid. That's football. We've seen it happen a lot this year at every team. We don't like this side of football but it happens and we have to accept it. It's nobody's fault. We just want Sergio to recover as soon as possible. We know what a player he is, he's our captain and he always wants to play. He's got a bit of discomfort and we hope he'll recover quickly".

The effect of being without Ramos?
“You're talking about Liverpool and Barcelona but we've got a match tomorrow. We want Sergio to be available all the time but now we have to think about the players who are with us for tomorrow's game. The players and I aren't looking any further than that because tomorrow's game will have an effect on those yet to come. We all have to be ready".

The decision to go away with the national side 
"He was fine when he went away with Spain. He didn't play for us but he was feeling good. It was a normal process. Then he played a little bit and then following the game he felt a twinge, which turned out to be a small injury and I hope he's back with us soon. The national manager picks the players, that's the way it is. I don't get involved. He was available for selection, he was called up and what happened, happened. We're in constant contact but unfortunately it was unavoidable, just like several others this year. If you look at it, we've had a lot of injuries this season".

Sergio Ramos's Real Madrid contract
"We want him to stay here. That's how I feel as a coach. Because of all he is as a player, all he's achieved and what he represents".

Hazard's recovery
"We don't have a plan. We're taking it day by day and we're not going to push it, as ever. It's important he recovers well. He's much better and we have to take it slowly. If he's ready in three days' time, that's better for us, but if it takes ten, we'll have to see. We're pleased to see him back training with the team a bit more".

We know what a player and what a captain Ramos is, he always wants to play.

“We can't manage all the eventualities in terms of injuries. I love having all my players fit and healthy but that's not the way it is. Football nowadays is hugely demanding and how we do our work and recovery is vital. There are ten LaLiga games to go and we have to concentrate on that, starting solely with the game against Éibar".

Kroos' condition
“He's better. He had an injury which stopped him going away with his national side. He stayed here with us, then he trained today, so we'll see. We're not going to do anything silly because there are a lot of games but he's in good shape, he's with us and that's the key thing".

“I won't go into these things. All we're interested in, is thinking about tomorrow's match. I get tired of saying it and if you ask me about a player who isn't part of my squad, I am not going to answer. My job is to focus on us and we're all focused on the match".

Planning for next season
“I'm only thinking about tomorrow's game".

Does he think it's positive for executives to meet with agents to plan the future?
"They can do what they like. I don't get involved. Every person does what they think is best. I'll say it again, my job is only to prepare tomorrow's game well with the players and all the guys close to the team".