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Firma Fundación Real Madrid con Kontiki

Kontiki Expeditions join the Real Madrid Foundation and CAF Núñez partnership in Ecuador

NEWS | 10/03/2021

More than 100 vulnerable children benefit from the project in the city of Manta.
The Real Madrid Foundation, the Núñez Learning and Training Centre (CAF) and Kontiki Expeditions have reached a collaboration agreement to continue the social sports school in Manta (Ecuador). The event, which took place in the auditorium at Real Madrid City, was attended by the managing director of the Foundation, Julio González; the president of CAF Núñez, Gustavo Núñez; the founder and CEO of Kontiki Expeditions, Carlos Núñez; and the director of Institutional Relations of Real Madrid, Emilio Butragueño.
Launched in September 2013, the programme was born with the intention of assisting children and young people who live at risk of social exclusion, in contexts of social violence and whose families are in a vulnerable economic situation in the region.
The partnership between the Real Madrid Foundation and CAF Núñez began in 2013 and, from this season, has been joined by the cruise company Kontiki Expeditions to guarantee the sustainability of the social sports school. Thanks to this agreement, more than a hundred children have access to education in values through football, as well as academic support, school reinforcement and vocational guidance.

The partnership between the Foundation and CAF Núñez began in 2013 and is joined this season by the cruise company Kontiki Expeditions.

Through projects for parents, social assistance, community service, training of coaches and staff at the centre, genuine development for individuals, families and the community in Manabí society is being achieved.
Butragueño: "This brings more hope to the children"
"I would like to congratulate everyone at CAF Núñez who do a sensational job and commitment to their people. I would also like to thank Kontiki, whose support helps both the children and the whole community to have a comprehensive development and also to bring these children, who deserve this education, greater hope".
Gustavo Núñez: "We share the same spirit of developing people with the Foundation"
"It's hugely satisfying for us to be part of Real Madrid's social project and we're proud to be part of the Foundation, with which we share the same spirit of developing people, which is the most important thing".
Carlos Núñez: "We want to spread happiness to the communities of the Ecuadorian coast".
"We want to spread happiness to the communities of the Ecuadorian coast because we have a different, more conscious and sustainable idea of tourism. We're very happy to be able to support the biggest club in history to help children in vulnerable situations in Ecuador".