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Bettoni: “The team is full of energy and ready for a great performance against Alavés”

NEWS | 22/01/2021 | Alberto Navarro

“We're all in this together and we'll do all we can to get three points", stated the assistant coach.
Real Madrid assistant coach David Bettoni appeared before the media in Zidane's place after he had tested positive for COVID-19, giving an online press conference ahead of tomorrow's clash with Alavés at Mendizorroza (9:00pm CET): “We had a good training session this morning, full of energy, in preparation for tomorrow's game. We're all working towards doing things better and tomorrow is another opportunity to show we're a team, all together, and we're going to do all we can to take three points. The team is ready and hungry to deliver a great performance against Alavés".

"At Real Madrid, every defeat brings criticism, but we have enough experience to know we've got a chance against Alavés to show everyone we're a unit. We're all together in this and we're going to do all we can to take the three points. We work hard every day towards just that and we have another chance to show it".

Relationship between coaching staff and players
We have a normal relationship and we're here to support them and help them perform at their best. It's a good relationship, built over many years, and we love working together".

Zidane's condition after testing positive for COVID-19
“I'm sad because Zidane won't be with us. I spoke to him this morning, he's feeling fine. He's in good spirits. He won't be with us in person but we know he'll be supporting us. The important thing is that everyone knows he'll be there in spirit. We're just finalising how we're going to do things".


I see Zidane come in with a smile on his face every morning, hungry to train, keep going, keep fighting.

“The gaffter just loves football, that's his passion. I see him come in with a smile on his face every morning, hungry to train, to keep going, keep fighting. We're lucky enough to be coaching this great club and we enjoy ourselves with the players every morning".

Sergio Ramos and Carvajal
Sergio is still recovering and he won't be with us tomorrow. Carvajal trained a bit with the group but he will miss out too tomorrow. He'll be back training normally on Monday".

His work as assistant coach
"I'm the assistant coach, I'm there to support the gaffer, give him information. He makes the decisions, I'm just there to help. He won't be with us in person but his energy will be there to support us".

“It's a matter I don't know much about so I can't comment. He's a member of the squad and an important player for us like all the others. We'll see what happens with him in the coming days”.

Refereeing decisions
“I have no opinion on it. Refereeing is a difficult job and all we can do is accept it and try to help because some go your way, some don't".