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Zidane: "We're in good shape and have another chance to show it against Éibar"

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NEWS | 19/12/2020

"It'll be a tough game and we'll have to be at our best", commented the boss.
Following on from the training session ahead of the trip to Éibar, Zinedine Zidane spoke to the press to preview the LaLiga encounter: “I'm sure that Eibar are going to give everything tomorrow at their place and that's what we’ll be aiming to do too. We want to keep this run going. All of the players are focused and in good shape. It's another opportunity for us to show who we are as a team and that’s what we’ll be trying to do tomorrow”.

“It's a very important game. We feel as if we're performing better, but it won't be an easy match. It’ll be a tough game and we’ll need to be at our best”.

Would you have liked to play with Benzema?
“Of course I would. If you ask me the question, I'll say that I would, but unfortunately that's not possible. The most important thing is the daily work and the commitment he displays in everything he does. He's gained a maturity in his play, he displays a confidence in himself and his ability. Those are qualities he's always had. A lot was said about him not scoring goals, but that's not the important thing. He's now performing, both in terms of his play and his goals. The goals might be important for other people but not for me. He's showing the kind of player he is and that's the important thing”.
“I don't think that he'll be involved because he's feeling ill. I think that he's got gastroenteritis. He hasn't got fever, but he doesn't feel right. We'll have to see how he progresses today”.
“It's a one-off period. The team is performing well and we've already spoken about this. My idea of calling on all of them won't change”.

"He's doing well and is virtually fully recovered. He's not quite ready to play yet, but he's training well with the team and I hope that it's not long before he's back and playing with the team".


“I won't be changing anything. The important thing is that Eden recovers properly. It's a shame. He's had to endure the tough times that come with player injuries. Never before had he had the injury he's had here at Madrid, he's always played on a regular basis. He now has to accept this. But we're in good form and what we want is that when he comes back that it be for good. We've got to keep calm. We need him, we want him in the team, but we don't want to do anything stupid and bring him back too soon and then something else happens.”
“I see him as being in good shape because when a player wants to carry on that means a lot. I believe that he’ll go on and play football for many years to come because he really looks after himself and that's the most important thing. If you want to carry on playing and you look after yourself, you've got a good chance of playing for a long time. What Sergio is doing comes as no surprise to me”.
“We're talking about players who really look after themselves and that's what Marcelo wants to do. He wants to look after himself and be ready for whenever he's called upon. I think that's a really positive thing”.
A mark for 2020
“I don't award myself marks and never will. I'm really happy and grateful to be here and to be Real Madrid coach. I make the most of every moment. I can't answer the rest, I'm sorry. I'm under contract until 2022 and won't be asking for anything, I'll just keep on working. I'm happy to be at this great club and am lucky enough to be able to say that I'm at the greatest club in the world. As for the rest of it, I hope that the players stay here and we can continue on with them”.
Winter window departures
“I'm happy with all of my players and I'll be counting on all of them. That said, things can happen. You ask me the question and you know that up until the end of January, anything can happen at every club. The only thing I can say is what I feel and my players are the best and I always want to be able to count on all of them”.
Pogba and Isco
“I can only talk to you about my players. Isco is fine here with us and we’ve got an important game tomorrow”.