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Zidane: “We know what's at stake and are only thinking about winning”

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NEWS | 08/12/2020 | Bárbara Jiménez

“It's a big opportunity to show what we're made of as a team", said the coach.
Zinedine Zidane took questions from the media in the press room at Real Madrid City after the last training session before the matchday six game against Borussia Mönchengladbach in the Champions Group Stage (Wednesday, 9pm CET): "It's an important match and we know that. We want to get the three points and finish top of the group. That's all we're thinking about, but every match is important and it's a big opportunity to show what we're made of as a team. The important thing is to play as a team and being aware that, when we stick together, defend well and don't give our opponents much, we can do well with the ball".
"All the players and the club are used to playing under pressure and being involved in games where you have to be at your best. We know what's at stake and we have to deal with our emotions and, above all, prepare well. We know that a lot will be said on the outside, but the important thing for us is to prepare well and put in a great performance. I'm convinced that we'll have a great match tomorrow".
The features of Borussia
"They're a very good team and have proved to be very disciplined: they defend well and they’re very good on the counter-attack. They're a physically powerful and very technically team. We know how difficult the match will be and we have prepared for it thinking about the opponent, but above all thinking about what we're going to do on the pitch, which is what matters the most to me".
Inter Milan-Shakhtar
"We're only focused on our game and what we're going to do, knowing that we're playing against a good team and that it'll be a tough game. The rest doesn't interest us". 

We're used to these big Champions League nights and we have to start well and keep it up until the end.

"I'm thinking of nothing else other than winning and preparing ourselves well. Everyone is talking about our situation, but I'm focused on tomorrow's game and my players. We're used to these big Champions League nights and we have to start well and perform from the beginning until the end. It's a Champions League match, we have to work hard and at the end be happy with what we've done".
The different sides of Real Madrid
"We always ask these players to perform out on the pitch every three days and that's a lot. We come up against good opponents who want to beat us. There are a lot of factors and the only thing that I can tell you is that we know what the situation is and when things get difficult, we always show up. Against Barcelona, Milan and Sevilla we didn't play our best, and when we lost we didn't play our worst".
Is this match a trial for Zidane?
"I don't get involved in trials, what matters to me is the match and doing things well as a team. That's all I care about and I don't get involved in the rest. I don't think about things like that, only qualifying for the next round. We're not thinking about anything else and we're preparing to have a great game. We'll have challenges, but we have to be positive, think about winning and do everything possible to get the three points. The club has to do what it has to do. The past is the past and the important thing is the present and the future”.
The Europa League
"I'm not thinking about that. We're focused on the Champions League match, we want to qualify and that's that. I'm not thinking about anything else and the players are thinking the same. You can talk, but we're only thinking about having a great game tomorrow".
"He's better and coming back little by little. He's progressing well and improving. He'll be with us soon. He had a bad injury, but he’s much better now".