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Zidane: “If we work as a unit and are focused, we're very tough to beat"

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NEWS | 27/11/2020 | Rodrigo Salamanca

“We want to do against Alavés what we showed as a team against Milan", added the madridista coach.
Zinedine Zidane appeared in the press room at Real Madrid City following the end of the final training session ahead of the Real Madrid-Alavés clash on LaLiga match day 11 (Saturday, 9:00pm CET): “We have 24 players who can play and that's great for the squad. We're going to need all of them with so many games. We were solid against Inter and we've had other games where we've played very well. We want to do against Alavés what we showed as a team against Milan".

"We've got another final on Saturday with three hugely important points up for grabs and it's LaLiga. It's different opposition, in Alavés. They'll make life difficult for us and we want to keep up the good work".

"It's not an attitude problem or lack of desire because we always want to win. The players may be decisive in a certain game or struggle depending on the opponent. If we do things as a unit and are focused, we're very tough to beat. Finding consistency is the most difficult thing in football and we work on it: concentration and what we can do in the game. All of that despite not having much time to recover".

"Carvajal has picked something up. I don't know how long it'll be but he's got some discomfort. Benzema's was a longer issue and it's crucial that he's feeling okay so he can rejoin the group because have lots of games and training sessions. A player has to feel good to perform. It's the same with Sergio Ramos. We're not going to reveal anything but feeling better. We'll see when we can get him back with the team but it won't be immediately".

"You always have to perform and be focused here. We know there's no let-up and the players have to be committed constantly. There are veterans and youngsters in any team and there are always changes to the squad but the players want to compete. This is the squad we have until the end of the season, we don't need to change anything".

Faith in the team
“I believe in myself and the players. The players believe in me and the team. If you ask me, we're a team. I feel incredibly positive. I'm at an incredible club and I'm making the most of it. Whenever there's an unfavourable situation, the sun always comes out again eventually. If we're focused in every game, we will see fantastic results. And at the bad times, we have to have faith to be able to get through it”.

Approach in Milan
"The approach was fantastic. The players interpreted the game really well and we are able to play with guys who can play in several positions. The first 25 minutes against Inter with eleven against eleven, we were phenomenal. After the sending off it was the same but sometimes it's harder against ten and we did brilliantly. That's hugely important to me. We didn't take any risks, we defended as a unit, kept a clean sheet and created a lot of chances to score. That's the path we have to follow".

I believe in myself and my players and the players believe in me and the team.

“The win over Inter wasn't a case of liberation. It's a game like any other and we played very well. It was important because it was a final and the players did brilliantly. We're judged on every game and comments about the team are never going to change but we have to keep working hard and give the best account of ourselves. This won't change until the end".
Squad situation
“I'm not going to discuss the transfer window. I have 24 players and I'll be using all of them. We need them all to be ready and well prepared. We want to see the spectacular but many things have changed. Particularly in terms of injuries but my greatest concern is the health of my players and when one of them is injured I suffer because they want to help the team. With the amount of games we've got, we have to be careful”.

“He looks good. He's a player of real quality and he's showing what a good player he is. The team and how we perform is the most important thing to me. If we do things as a unit, we're tough to beat. We have to carry on with Odegaard and the others”.
“That won't change. When we lose, we lose together and the same goes for when we win. The players know that. In here is one thing, but it won't change on the outside”.
Not letting their guard down 
“Confidence breeds consistency in football. We are confident but whenever we play against a team, they come out fired up and we struggle at times. We can't relax for even a minute and we have to be at 150% if we want to win the game. If we all display the same levels of commitment, focus and fitness, then we'll make the difference".
Players' retirement
“Each person knows inside if they want to continue or not. I decided I wanted to leave football when I was 34, so I did. But there are players who can carry on and that's great. I'm not going to tell anyone what to do".
“There is lots of discussion about who the best player in the world is but we've lost a player who was the absolute... Others might opt for Cruyff, Messi or Ronaldo. They're all phenomenal. It's sad because we've lost a guy who was important to football and to the world. Maradona was a unique player. Now we'll show respect for his memory, his family and all those who loved him".