Rueda de prensa de Zidane

Zidane: "We have to adapt to the situation and keep going because our strength lies in the team"

NEWS | 07/11/2020 | Bárbara Jiménez

"We're really preparing properly and want to put in a great performance against Valencia", declared the coach.
Following the team’s final training session ahead of the LaLiga Matchday 9 encounter between Valencia and Real Madrid (Sunday, 9pm CET), Zinedine Zidane addressed the press from the media room at Real Madrid City. The boss previewed the match in the following terms: “Despite the absences we’ve got, we still have a good number of players to choose from and that's the most important thing. We're going to prepare for it really well because it's a tough game and we want to put in a great performance against what are strong opponents”.
Casemiro and [Eden] Hazard are upbeat and doing well. They're not happy about what’s happened, but in terms of how they’re doing mentally and physically, despite the tough nature of the situation, they're fine. I've sent them a message and will speak to them later on. These things can happen and we have to accept the situation. We need to adapt to the situation and we know that it could be even worse. The same thing happened the other day to Militão. We need to accept it and continue working with the team, because that's where our strength lies”.
It upsets things because today, on the eve of the game, things have been different. There's no knowing when exactly you can test positive or otherwise. What’s happened to these players, who are responsible and have been careful, are things that can happen. It could be worse, there are situations involving people outside of football who are really having a bad time of things. Speaking with my football head on and as the coach, I would have preferred to have them available tomorrow”.
Is Ramos the best centre-back in the history of the game?
“Yes, he's amongst the best. At the end of the day, everyone’s entitled to their opinion,  but, for me, given what he's achieved throughout his career, what he's achieving and what he means and represents for this club he is. But then again, everyone has their favourite players”.
“He's mentally strong. He's going through a tough time with his injuries and after what happened today, but he's in good spirits and that's the most important thing. He now has to wait for a week”.
“All he has to do is keep on working hard. There's no problem with Isco, it's a problem for the coach who has to name a starting line-up every match. I’ve stressed to him that he has to keep on working and do the things he's doing. You get these tough times, but he's also had some good ones”.

I see my players as being committed and we've got to keep that up.

“We're going to play a lot of games. It's true that he hasn't played much of late, but nothing's changed in terms of what I think about him. He continues to work hard and will get his chance”.
Team’s positive change
“It's been very positive because, at the end of the day, that's what my players are like, when the going gets tough, they've got the character to overcome it, but that's always been the case. You get your tough spells during the course of a season, they’re footballers and human beings too. I'm the coach and see my players as being committed and they want to do well. Sometimes things don't go your way, but the reaction has been good and we've got to keep that up. I believe in all of my players”.
“He's not just any old player, he's a role model. He's very important within the team and I’ve got no doubts about what a good player he is. We're here to do things well altogether”.
“His knee is now better and he’ll be part of the squad. We're aware of his quality, he's only just come in and we have to give him time. He hurt himself and the most important thing is that he gets back to 100%, as he is, and that he gradually adapts to the situation and the team”.