Fundación Real Madrid y Cruz Roja motivan a personas sin hogar con la Spartan Race

The Foundation and Red Cross joint Program for the Homeless benefits from the solidarity masks

NEWS | 17/08/2020

These projects benefit more than one hundred individuals every week, across different groups and facilities.
The socio-sporting Program for the Homeless led by the Real Madrid Foundation has been run in Madrid since 2017. It aims to assist in boosting the participants' morale as a way to help them with social integration. The sessions include tuition in sporting values, such as motivation, effort and self-improvement, teamwork, independence and self-esteem, all of which can help change the participants' behaviour and improve their lives. 

This line of projects, which is carried out in collaboration with the Spanish Red Cross, the Madrid City Council and the Fundación Padre Garralda-Horizontes Abiertos, serves over one hundred beneficiaries per week in different groups across different facilities and its sustainability has been guaranteed this season thanks to the proceeds from the sale of our solidarity masks.

Fourth season
The application of sports psychology and personal transformative values which are typical of the regular practice of team sports, are the basic tools used by the Program for the Homeless designed by the Foundation and delivered by the organisation's specialist coached trained in the: For a REAL Education: Values & Sport methodology, which this season is heading into its fourth consecutive year.

The program aims to give all the participants a morale boost.

Its launch in 2017 was the result of having collaborated with a range of initiatives using football as an effective tool to help integrate homeless people around the world. The continuous weekly program has been consolidated largely as a result in the increasing numbers of those without a roof over their head following the crisis. The profiles of these groups have changed too, now including younger and foreign people, mostly victims of the previous economic recession. 

Activities aimed at boosting morale
Participation in the program and other complementary activities like the Foundation's popular charity race or the Spartan Race, help beneficiaries recover their self-esteem, work on consistency and commitment by setting goals, and reintegrate them into society. The program is not designed to cover the basic needs of food and accommodation, areas which are dealt with by the Administration and NGOs, but rather contribute to boosting the morale of those in vulnerable situations.

Youth teams visit different projects
Over the course of the last season, the Real Madrid academy's youth teams have visited these projects in order to raise awareness of the need to show solidarity with those most in need. The Under 17s visited the Temporary Attention Centre at San Blas, run by the Red Cross alongside the Madrid City Council; while the Under 19s headed to the Real Madrid Foundation's socio-sporting program with the Fundación Padre Garralda-Horizontes Abiertos, which helps people in rehabilitation from drug addiction and homelessness.