Iker Casillas

The President's words on Iker Casillas

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NEWS | 04/08/2020

Iker Casillas is one of the major symbols of Real Madrid. Today, we madridistas are especially proud of one of our eternal captains. Also captain of the Spanish national team. Today, Iker Casillas bids farewell as a professional player, having contributed to further enriching the history and legend of Real Madrid.
He arrived at our club as a child, at only 9 years of age, and here he has grown, developed and become a figurehead for all football fans.
Today, we at Real Madrid want to convey to him our love, our admiration and, of course, our gratitude for everything he has given us, both on and off the pitch. And I also want to thank his wife Sara for all the support she has always given to Iker Casillas. To Sara, too, all our affection and all our love.
Iker represents the values of Real Madrid. This club is the most loved and admired in the world and is so thanks to players like Iker Casillas. With his commitment, with his work and with his humility he has won the hearts of madridistas, but also the respect of his rivals.
At this club, with this badge and this jersey, he has won everything. For Real Madrid and for the madridistas from all corners of the world it has been an honour to have a goalkeeper, a captain, like Iker Casillas.
A reference for the children who come to Real Madrid City with the dream of wearing our jersey one day. His legacy will always be here. Iker knows that this is and always will be his home.