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Entrevista a Luca Modric

Modric: "The team has shown how hungry it is"

NEWS | 17/07/2020

"The season has been very difficult, but the important thing is how it ends", added Rodrygo.
Modric, Valverde and Rodrygo spoke to Realmadrid TV at the institutional event celebrating the 34th Spanish league title. The Croatian midfielder praised the team's hard work in winning the title: "The season has been very long, with lots of games in which the team has performed outstandingly well and has shown how hungry it is. We haven't slackened off and we've worked very well to get back to the level the coach wanted us to be".

"We've won 10 games out of 10 and now there's one more left and we want to end with a win. This team is not satisfied, it always wants to win. I've worked hard during lockdown and this is the fruit of that work. We have a lot of players who are playing very well and at a very high level".

Next objective 
"We have a tough game against Manchester City and we have to turn the result around, but in the home game we played good football. We have enough resources to put in a good performance and turn it around. We need to rest a bit and to prepare well for the game, which is going to be very hard. We're ready and prepared".
Valverde: "We're doing everything we can to reach our goal"
"When you wear this jersey, from the first game to the last you have to play like it's a final. We have the spirit of wanting to win and not to concede goals. We all defend as a team, we all work for the same thing and it shows. We were competing with Barcelona game by game and we won every game. When we put the Real Madrid jersey on again, we felt happy. During the lockdown, the days were hard and we missed each other a lot. We all have to contribute to achieve the goal".
Rodrygo: "It's a dream come true
"It's a dream come true. The season has been very difficult, but what matters is how it ends. I didn't expect to play so many games because it's my first season, but I think it's been a good season. My family said to me: congratulations and let's continue for more. They knew that it was always my dream to play here. The Super Cup is good, but the league title is different. Since I arrived here I knew that Real Madrid is about winning, winning, winning and never stopping. We won yesterday and we're already thinking about the next one".