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Real Madrid - Atlético

Zidane: “We believed we could win it right to the end”


NEWS | 12/01/2020 | Alberto Navarro (Yeda)

“We've worked really hard, we were patient and it's a real team victory”, said the coach.
Zinedine Zidane appeared in the media room at the King Abdullah Stadium in Jeddah to assess the clash with Atlético, which ended with Real Madrid lifting their eleventh Spanish Super Cup. The coach reflected: “We came here to win this trophy and it's been a tough, hard-fought week. We endured a fantastic final today. Atlético played very well. We have to congratulate all the players, even those who didn't play, because we've had a great week of work”.

“We found it tough at times but we believed we could win it right to the end. We worked hard and fought to the final whistle. It's a real team victory. Both games were difficult, but this one even more so. We struggled against brilliant opposition. We saw two fantastic teams out on the pitch playing a great game. Both teams had chances but that's football and we clinched the trophy on penalties”.

“We worked hard and were patient. We had some difficulties at the start of the season, but that can happen. Now we have to be happy with this title, but it's a long season. There are lots of competitions still up for grabs and we're only just getting started”.

“He did a good job, he had no choice. He's apologised to Morata. He was named Man of the Match, but that's an award for everyone because every player gave it his all. It's a well-deserved prize for him and all his teammates”.

You achieve things with hard work and humility.

"Everyone is to be congratulated and Courtois too. His performance in the game and the penalty shoot-out was great. It's also the work of Roberto, the goalkeeping coach, who prepares the penalties with him. I was happy for him".

Full house of final victories
"I've always given my all, but the players are to be congratulated because we won thanks to them. That's the DNA of this club and what interests me is giving my all and believing in what we do. With hard work and humility, we can achieve big things".

"I'm counting on all the players I have at my disposal. Then I have to choose. Mariano's situation is not going to change".

His backroom staff 
"I'm the coach of the team but behind it there are a lot of people who work very well, are competent and give their all for this shirt".