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Encuentro peñas madridistas en Yeda

Florentino Pérez hosted the madridistas fan group event in Jeddah


NEWS | 12/01/2020 | Alberto Navarro (Yeda) | PHOTOGRAPHER: V. Carretero y A. Villalba

“We can keep making history together”, claimed the club president to the fans at the event.
The Real Madrid fan groups did not miss their chance in Jeddah. The Hilton hotel hosted an event for 16 Real Madrid fan groups prior to the Spanish Super Cup (7:00pm CET). “Today the Real Madrid fans are here in Saudi Arabia, specifically those from Jeddah. Fan groups have come from the Emirates, Algeria, Morocco, Oman, Jordan, Kuwait, Palestine, Mauritania, India, Líbano as well as Spain", declared the club president Florentino Pérez, who received a round of applause.

“We have the chance to keep on making history here together. We are into the final of the Spanish Super Cup for the first time here in Saudi Arabia. And you should know that our players will fight until the very last. They will leave everything for you and for the millions of Real Madrid fans hoping for a win today. It will be toguh because in we face a great rival in Atlético Madrid. This huge final will set a standard for Spanish football in front of the world. All our Real Madrid fans will go to King Abdullah Stadium today to help cheer us to a win."
Unity of madridismo
"Your support will be crucial for our players, thanks to our great coach Zinedine Zidane at the helm, we will win the Spanish Super Cup once again, making it our eleventh Spanish Super Cup. This team has shown real hunger to win and our players know that with this shirt and this badge nobody stops until the very end”.
“The union of Real Madrid makes us feel ready for the hugest of challenges. The great Spanish Super Cup final will be enjoyed and will continue the legend of Real Madrid. Our values ​​such as hard work, team spirit, humility, respect and solidarity are what have left a mark through our history in nearly 118 years this club.”

Our players know that with this shirt and this badge nobody stops until the very end.

“Madridismo is a universal thing, it means passion that brings millions of people around the world, regardless of the country of origin, language, religion or the culture together a one. We are joined together by the values ​​that make Real Madrid the most loved and respected club on the planet. We know the importance of Real Madrid for people who watch our club worldwide. And that excites us, but it is also a great responsibility for us to keep working with a sole objective: to try to meet the desires and dreams of each one of those fans ”.
The warmth of Real Madrid fans in Jeddah
“We were welcomed to this city with real affection. I would like to thank you for this reception that made us all feel right at home. We have seen your warmth and that passion that Real Madrid instils in people here”.
“For Real Madrid and for our players your warmth and your presence in Jeddah is crucial. A lot of you are part of the Madrid fan clubs throughout this part of the world and we are proud of what you do. Thank you for such loyalty, your warmth and everything you do for Real Madrid.”