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Florentino Pérez named president of the World Football Club Association

NEWS | 15/11/2019

“I am so happy that clubs from around the world were present and agreed to create this association”, claimed the Real Madrid club president.
Florentino Pérez has been named president of the World Football Club Association (WFCA), according to an official statement from the new organisation. After settling on the Club World Cup being played in China in 2021, clubs from six different continents met at the FIFA headquarters in Zurich to discuss the new format of the competition. In the meeting, it was decided that a new organisation, the World Football Club Association, should be formed. Florentino Pérez was named as the first president of the organisation.

The organisation will be a platform to help foster dialogue between clubs and FIFA. The organisation’s first aim, according to the official statement, is to "make sure the FIFA Club World Cup will be an event where fans around the world can see the best teams playing the best football competing for the only worldwide club trophy". It will also be a means to address issues that clubs face and exchange opinions with FIFA in a constructive way.

After the meeting, Florentino Pérez said: “I am so happy that clubs from around the world were present and agreed to create this association. This new association will be a credible, focussed counterpart to FIFA and we will strive to improve all aspects related to clubs, starting with the FIFA Club World Cup in 2021”.

FLORENTINO PÉREZ: “We hope to maintain an excellent level of cooperation with FIFA”.

"The tournament must be a competition that helps develop club football around the world and that is what the clubs here today hope to achieve alongside FIFA. We hope to maintain an excellent level of cooperation with FIFA to take club football to the next level”.

Infantino: “Congratulations to everyone involved and especially Florentino Pérez”
FIFA president Gianni Infantino, claimed: “We are proud to host today's meeting, not just so that we can discuss important issues such as the FIFA Club World Cup, but also so that we can listen to the views of every club from every continent”.

“I am certain that even more top clubs will join us as we develop this means for discussion, just as we have been doing with the FIFA federations, confederations, leagues and players, as well as all those at the heart of the world footballing community. The world is changing quickly and we in the footballing industry hope to keep developing as the world’s biggest sport, we need to come together in a constructive, pioneering and inclusive way in order to look at the challenges and issues we face, and realise the great opportunities that lie ahead of us.”

“My vision is that in the future 40 or 50 clubs from different parts of the world have the legitimate ambition of winning the FIFA Club World Cup. This means that national and regional competitions need to be at that same level and that millions of fans can therefore support their favourite teams with even more passion”.

“Congratulations to everyone involved and a special mention goes to Florentino Pérez for the initiative of bringing clubs from all over the world to the FIFA headquarters to launch such a relevant project".

First steps
After this first meeting, the World Football Club Association will now look to invite other clubs in the hope of permanently representing all clubs who participate in the FIFA Club World Cup. The founding members of the WFCA are: Real Madrid (Spain), Milan (Italy), Auckland City (New Zealand), Boca Juniors (Argentina), River Plate (Argentina), America (Mexico), Guangzhou (China) and Mazembe (Congo).