Rueda de prensa de Pablo Laso

Laso: "It's a special match but not decisive"

NEWS | 13/11/2019

"Barça is a team with a lot of weapons and we have to be prepared for a difficult encounter", explained Tavares.
Pablo Laso and Walter Tavares spoke ahead of the first Clasico of the Euroleague this season (Thursday, 9pm CET). The coach said: "Barça are a team with a lot of individual talent. They have decisive players in the offensive aspect and you can not think that stopping one player you will win the match. You have to defend well and stop many players. Their level is of a very deep team. We're going to have to do a good team defence and a do lot of things well to win".
"We've been together longer but I've lost two players, Reyes and Mejri, who are definitely out. The other 14 are available. Thompkins has always been available and we can call him up him at any time. It's a technical decision. It's normal for the teams to evolve with respect to the start of the season. The Super Cup was a different competition. The schedule is very demanding and if I had to be negative with the team I would say that there is a lack of continuity and if I were positive, they play very good basketball at times".
The period of the season
"It's a special match, but a match doesn't dictate how one or the other is. It's a 34-day competition that we hope to win, but we have a lot of respect for Barça. All teams have room for growth. The objectives of each team are different and we have our own, which are the ones that worry me. For example, if we beat Barça but lose the rest of the Euroleague matches, we won't be in the playoffs. It's not a decisive match and I'm just focused on the team giving its all".
The importance of Tavares
"Tavares is a special player. He's very important to us. We think he can give us a lot of things in the game, both defensive and offensive. There's talk about whether he's good or bad and it's more like how the team is. He has a mentality in which he always wants to help the team. He's very positive and he's forcing both him and the team to adapt. I'm very happy to have him with us".

Laso: "The team plays very good basketball at times but in others we lack continuity".

"I'm not really interested in individual duel. Due to positions players will come up against each other but in the end, it has to be a team effort to find the advantages you can have on those duels. Davies is one of the best players in the Euroleague and is playing at a high level. But in teams like this it's almost obligatory to try to avoid individual matches because we're talking about great players".
Tavares: "In a Clasico you experience a lot of emotions".
"A Clasico is a Clasico and it doesn't matter if you started good or bad. We have to play a good game, it's a game to enjoy and where you are going to experience many emotions. They’re a very good team with a lot of weapons, and we have to be prepared for a difficult match".
Role in the team
"Everyone on the team is important. I have to work and do what I know how to do, which is defend, rebound and help the team. I try to do my best when I'm on the court".
"You have to be grateful and enjoy wherever you are and I give a lot of importance to what life gives me. I'm at the best club in the world without a doubt, the history is there, and everyone knows it. It's a pride to be here in a team that fights for every title".