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Zidane: "We're all set to begin our Champions League campaign"

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NEWS | 17/09/2019 | Alberto Navarro (Paris) | PHOTOGRAPHER: Víctor Carretero/Antonio Villalba

"We're up against a great side, who always perform to an extremely high standard", he added.
Zinedine Zidane took to the Parque des Princes media room on the eve of Real Madrid's opener in this season's Champions League. The Whites' boss previewed the clash against Paris Saint-Germain in the following terms: "We're happy to be getting started in the competition. We know what we've got to go out and do and we're up against tough opponents. We're up against a great side, who always perform to an extremely high standard, but we're ready".

"Big things are expected of both teams each time we play, but we're only at the start of the season. We're doing well, although there's always room for improvement. We have to and must improve in all departments. We can do better and will do so and the same applies to PSG".

"They're a great side. They always perform and they go out and do so every weekened, although at times they don't get the results they'd hope to. They've got some absentees, but despite that they perform to an extremely high standard without Cavani, Mbappé and Neymar. They're a team that are always improving. It's not easy to win the Champions League. They're working towards that and are improving year on year".

"He's ready and prepared because he's completed more sessions with the team. He's a difference-maker and can make the difference in a lot of situations. He's shown that and he's going to be a very good and important player for us. He's going to have a wonderful future here".


"He's really motivated to achieve something special. He knows where he is and the club he's just joined. He's got the character and personality befitting a club like Real Madrid. We've got to let him work and we'll then see what he can do".

Praise for Benzema
"He's always shown the player that he is. He's always thought of as someone who scores goals, but his game isn't just all about that. He's been very decisive of late, but he's a team player and he shows that in every game. That's what I'm most interested in. He's a fantastic player, as the PSG coach said".

"I always want Benzema in my team. He's up for every game, but perhaps he'll be even more up for it tomorrow night because he's from Lyon and given the rivalry between Lyon and PSG. He's a key player but so too are the others. We have to think as a team".

Liga or the Champions League?
"I previously said that LaLiga was the most special competition because it's the toughest one, but everything that Real Madrid do is important. Right now, the most important thing is today's training session and tomorrow's game. When we won LaLiga it was very special".

"He's able to play in many positions, but the further forward he is, the easier it is for him. We'll have to see how we set up tomorrow, but the important thing is that he feels good inside himself. He's a different sort of player in attacking terms on account of his quality and I'm not going to say anything to him about how to play in attack".

Areola and Keylor Navas
"They've gone in opposite directions. I wish Keylor all the best for after tomorrow's game. I've got great respect for him and for everything that he did at Real Madrid. We're happy to have  Areola because he's a top goalkeeper. He works really hard and does well".

"He's a very good player and has always shown that. He's a goalscorer and makes the difference. We know all about his quality. He had that quality at Inter and continues to have it now, at PSG".