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Zidane: "We have to give everything to beat Brugge"

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NEWS | 30/09/2019 | Javier García | PHOTOGRAPHER: Helios de la Rubia

"I know Hazard is going to succeed here, he's going to be very good and you have to be patient with players that have just arrived", said the coach.
Zinedine Zidane spoke in the press room at Real Madrid City after directing the last pre-match training session before the game against Brugge (Tuesday, 6:55pm CEST). The coach analysed the visit of the Belgian team: “Tomorrow's match is the most important. We have to give everything to beat Brugge. The objective is to win because we are fourth in the table, that’s the reality. I’m focussed on this match because it’s an opportunity to pick up points”.
“Our fans are always important. We know what we want to do and when we look at the table, we know we haven’t started the Champions League well. Tomorrow is an opportunity to give back to the fans what they deserve and also for us because we need to pick up points whatever happens”.
Paris match
“The defeat was hard, that’s the truth. Since then we’ve played very well in defence. We can always improve but we have done things well. Every match is different and has its own story. We have one every three days and we must show our strength with and without the ball and create chances when we have the ball. We’re happy with what we are doing. Tomorrow the game is very important for us”.
Defence and attack
“Today, football is a transition between defending without the ball and hurting the opponent when you have it. One thing doesn’t prevent the other. First you have to be strong defensively, as we have been lately. That doesn’t prevent us from playing well, with the quality we have we must show that we are good”.
“It's not that I don't have a replacement because I can play others there, but Sergio is Sergio. He’s our leader, our captain. I can’t imagine him not here. It’s true that from time to time he needs to rest but not now”.
“I’m not going to give him advice to tell him how to play. We know he’s an important player for us. He knows we want more from him, but we have to stay calm. I’m not worried at all. He will succeed here and will be very good. You have to be patient with players who have just arrived. The good thing is he will not change. He needs more, but we will see it soon. If we can see it tomorrow, great”.

In Benzema I see a responsible, more mature player and that makes a difference.

“The same thing happened to me, but I stayed calm. I knew that in time it would work. It was worse when I arrived in Italy. It took me three months there, in Madrid a little less. Hazard is the same. I know he will succeed here, you have to be patient and get behind him because he’s going to move forward. It has nothing to do with physical issues. It’s more a matter of scoring and creating chance. I'm not worried, you have to be patient”.
“The Champions League is a very special competition for him and for everyone. When we see the trophy room, we know that we are the team with the most European Cups. We know Karim's quality. What I like most about him is that he is a different player. I see a responsible, more mature player and that makes a difference”.
“It's very complicated because when you aren’t called up its difficult. He trains every week and wants to be with the team. He has to be prepared, like everyone else, because what happens today is not the same as tomorrow. He’s had injuries but he is ok now. I have 25 players and what bothers me the most is to leave players out of the squad. I have to tell Brahim and the rest to keep pushing in training because they will have their chance. The season is long and I will use everyone”.
Adapting to life after Cristiano
“I’ll not tell his story here. We know the importance of this player and you have to adapt. We want to continue doing the same and try to continue. It’s the DNA of this club, the least is sweating for the jersey. You can't always win but the important thing is to give everything in every game. That is what we’re going to do this season”.
Burglaries on the players
“It’s really bad, not just for my players. These things are not pleasant. The other day it happened to Casemiro but luckily nothing happened, only material things. I hope it doesn't happen to anyone again. What we can do is talk to the player so that he is ok and his family too”.