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Asamblea General 2019

The Extraordinary General Assembly approves the absorption of Club Deportivo Tacón

NEWS | 15/09/2019

“We believe the time has come to have our own women's team”, said Florentino Pérez at his speech at the Extraordinary General Assembly 2019.

After concluding the Ordinary General Assembly, an Extraordinary General Assembly was held, in which the delegate members of Real Madrid authorised the Executive Board to carry out the absorption of Club Deportivo Elemental 'Club Deportivo Tacón'. In his speech, the Real Madrid president Florentino Pérez said: “We believe the time has come for Real Madrid to have its own women's team, which will allow us to strengthen our promotion of the sport in our country and compete with our badge at the highest level in all national and international competitions”.

“It's a part of football which has been growing at a spectacular rate in recent years. Real Madrid must be part of this worldwide phenomena and the time has come to face this new challenge and build a football team which is able to compete, and of which we can feel proud”.

Choosing Club Deportivo Tacón
“We assessed all the potential options, with a focus on youth football. That's why we believe Club Deportivo Tacón was the most appropriate choice. This club has an academy structure which will allow us to remain loyal to our philosophy from day one. As such, we will to scout, train and develop young talent”.


“This choice is also a result of their recent promotion, something which will allow us to compete from the beginning in the Primera División. They also have no institutional or commercial commitments under contract which may limit the future development of our team”.

Terms of the deal
“This season we will collaborate with the club in order to plan the future. The first team will now be able to train and play their games here at Real Madrid City. Our commitment from the 1st of July 2020 will be to have a Real Madrid women's team and take part in domestic League and Copa de la Reina competitions from next season”.
Proposed resolutions at the Extraordinary General Assembly:
POINT ONE. Proposal to the Extraordinary General Assembly to Authorise the Board of Directors for the absorption, of Club Deportivo Elemental 'Club Deportivo Tacón', by Real Madrid C. F. effective as of the 1st of July 2020
The result of the 894 votes cast is: 810 votes in favour, 44 against and 40 abstentions. Some 90.6% votes in favour.