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Real Madrid is the most valuable football club in the world according to ‘Forbes’


NEWS | 23/07/2019

Real Madrid is the most valuable football club in the world in 2019, with a value of 4.239 million dollars, according to the prestigious Forbes publication. In their report, Forbes highlights the keys to Real Madrid leading the standing as the strength of the club’s commercial business,  with special attention to the area of sponsorship, the continuous increase in the value of television rights, the revenue of 100 million dollars that came as a result of winning the third consecutive Champions League and the new sponsorship agreement with adidas.

In addition, according to Forbes, Real Madrid is the third most valuable sports institution in the world, behind the Dallas Cowboys of the NFL and the New York Yankees of the MBL.
Standing for the most valuable football clubs in the world:


1st Real Madrid 4,239

2nd FC Barcelona 4,021

3rd Manchester United 3,808

4th Bayern Munich 3,024

5th Manchester City 2,688

6th Chelsea 2,576

7th Arsenal 2,268

8th Liverpool 2,186

9th Tottenham 1,624

10th Juventus 1,512

* In millions of dollars
Standing for of the most valuable sports institutions in the world:

1st Dallas Cowboys (NFL) 5,000

2nd New York Yankees (MLB) 4,600

3rd Real Madrid 4,239

4th FC Barcelona 4,021

5th New York Knicks (NBA) 4,000

6th Manchester United 3,808

7th New England Patriots (NFL) 3,800

8th LA Lakers (NBA) 3,700

9th Golden State Warriors (NBA) 3,500

10th New York Giants (NFL) 3,300

* In millions of dollars