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Real Madrid - Éibar

Zidane: “I'm happy with our reaction and the team's pride in the second half”

NEWS | 06/04/2019 | Javier García

“Benzema has always been really important for the team but he's scoring more goals”, he added.
Zidane spoke to the press at the Santiago Bernabéu after the Éibar game. The coach was happy with the win and the second half performance: “I am not going to say what we discussed at the break We had to change things from the first half. We changed it, played as a team and ran together. That changed the game. In the first half, we lacked confidence, particularly at the start, it was really complicated”.

“We must congratulate the players, they fought for it. In the second half things changed. They all pitched in out there and it was totally different to the first half. The coach also plays a key role in those complicated moments. The good thing is that we reacted to change it. We have our pride and we showed it out there. The players showed that fighting for each other, running together can get you results".
“I am happy for the players, it was a tough situation. People can forget that these players are human, and they think it is normal to jeer them. In this situation, we all need to pull our weight. I have to say well done to my players because in the second half they stood united. We changed our focus and got a result by helping each other. It was a strong reaction and we are happy”.
The team's form
“It is a complicated moment. What is going on outside does not help either, but we need to accept that. The players and the coach need to get out of this as a team. The situation is bad and there are no excuses. When you go on a good run you keep getting wins and when you have a tough run it is hard to get out of it. Today in the first half we were bad but the second half we were really good. We lacked confidence in the first half and you have to look at the positives”.


“We’ll gradually get through this spell with hard work and a positive outlook. We’re not going to win anything this season. It’s tough playing for nothing but I don’t mean we’re going to stop fighting. That’s why the second half was particularly good and we came out on top. In the seven games left before the end of the campaign we’re going to have to fight as a team”.

“He’s always been crucial for the team. He’s scoring more goals now but he’s always been a hugely important player. I want to speak about the team. Karim knows very well that the team has been vital for him too and I want to stress just that”.
“I’m delighted for Karim. But every player has reacted well, played for pride and looked to win the game. Karim is having a great season and he’s scoring a lot of goals. People’s perception of him has changed as a result, but he’s always been a crucial player”.
Bale’s future
“I won’t comment on what’s going to happen. He’s a Real Madrid player, he’s got two years left on his contract and we’ll see. We’re not thrilled by the jeering but the fans come here and want to see their team play better and we’re not in great shape right now. Everyone reacted well in the second half and I’ll focus on that. The fans know this season is over now and the only thing we’ve got left to play for are the seven remaining games and we’ll try hard to finish second. People are disappointed because we’re not going to win anything”.

“He’s training well but I don’t want to discuss any player in particular. Isco wants to do a good job, I don’t think he’s any different to before, he’s playing a bit more and I think he’s training well”.