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Presentación de la reforma del Estadio Santiago Bernabéu

Florentino Pérez: "The Santiago Bernabéu will be the best stadium in the world"


NEWS | 02/04/2019 | Alberto Navarro | PHOTOGRAPHER: Helios de la Rubia y Pedro Castillo

"It will become an avant-garde and universal icon, one of the great future projects for Real Madrid", the president said.
Real Madrid presented the Santiago Bernabéu remodelling. The event, which was held in the stadium's presidential box, was attended by the Real Madrid president, Florentino Pérez, and the mayor of Madrid, Manuela Carmena. It was also attended by, among others, the president of honour of the club, Paco Gento and a wide representation of the Board of Directors of Real Madrid.
Florentino Pérez explained the details of the transformation of the Santiago Bernabéu: "This event is the definitive start of the countdown to launch an authentic architectural innovation in our stadium. A Santiago Bernabéu stadium that will become a great avant-garde and universal icon. Located in the heart of Madrid, it will be the best stadium in the world. We are facing one of the great projects of the future for Real Madrid and, of course, it will be also for the city of Madrid".
21st century reference
"Our future naturally involves a new Santiago Bernabéu stadium, a reference of the 21st century. A modern, avant-garde stadium, with maximum comfort and safety, with state-of-the-art technology, where fans can experience unique sensations and also be a new and important source of income for the club".
"This great project will become a key piece for the Real Madrid of the future, but also for the city of Madrid. And it will be because the new Santiago Bernabéu stadium, located in the heart of Madrid, will be the best stadium in the world. More modern, more comfortable, safer and designed for entertainment, with new areas of leisure and catering and where the most advanced technology will be key for fans to live new experiences".
Improvement for the club and its surroundings
"A new stadium that will allow us to continue growing and that will be financed with the new revenues that the remodelling will generate. The new Santiago Bernabéu stadium will entail an important improvement for the club, but also for its surroundings. And it will allow Real Madrid to remain competitive in an increasingly difficult international football setting".
"Shortly the first moves will begin that will also serve to improve the entire urban environment, with a large square on the Castellana of more than 20,000 square meters and another of 5,500 square meters on the corner of Padre Damián. In addition, Rafael Salgado Street will become a pedestrian street and the whole environment will be improved in an operation that will extend over 66,000 square meters".

It is a great opportunity to turn our stadium into a great technological platform that serves to relate to our fans.

"This is a great opportunity to also turn our stadium into a great technological platform that serves to relate to our fans and star in a digital transformation. We will have a spectacular 360-degree video scoreboard that will be one of the emblematic elements of the new Santiago Bernabéu stadium. We want, in short, to be the great digital stadium of the future".
Surrounding skin
"The new stadium will present an immersive and avant-garde image thanks to a skin of steel bands and variable lines that will allow to illuminate and project images. A project that includes a fixed and retractable roof over the playing field and that will allow all locations to be protected".
Pride of Real Madrid
"This stadium will be 72 years old in December. It was Santiago Bernabéu who transformed the history of this club with an innovative vision of the future capable of turning Real Madrid into the greatest legend of football. He led the way with a model that led us to build this myth that is Real Madrid with our values, with unique players and with the best facilities".
"Here in this stadium are the 23 European Cups, 13 for football and 10 for basketball. A unique track record in world sport, but above all, here are the experiences, the dreams, the hopes, the memories, the passion and the emotions that have been transmitted from generation to generation. And all these feelings are the pillars of this new Santiago Bernabéu stadium, the great stadium of the 21st century, which will mark our destiny and which will always be the pride of Madrid and of all madridistas".
"Dear Mayor, I want you to know that it is an honour for this club to take the name of Madrid to all corners of the world. We do not forget, and we will never forget, that this city is present in the soul of our club because this is where we were born. A club in the city of Madrid that is also universal today and has no borders".
Carmena: "I feel very happy to accompany Real Madrid"
"Real Madrid has a tremendous impact on many children who follow football and we have turned to improve the stadiums and we will continue to do so because it is essential. I feel very happy to accompany Real Madrid in their strategies. We believe in consensus urbanism and that is why I have to thank this club that has managed to reach a consensus and return part of that wealth to the city of Madrid. All the landscaping and the environment will be at the expense of Real Madrid and for that we have to thank you. That's the idea: to give back to the city of Madrid all that it gives us". The event ended with an exchange of gifts. Florentino Pérez presented the mayor with a replica of the Cibeles and Manuela Carmena with a replica of a menina.