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Real Madrid are the most valuable club in the world according to POWA

NEWS | 12/02/2019

This index uses artificial intelligence to assess various factors and is considered as the leading sports sponsorship valuation engine.
According to the POWA index, Real Madrid are the leading club in the world in terms of sponsorship value. This index uses artificial intelligence to assess a range of factors and allows for the comparison of sports organisations from across the planet. Real Madrid have been ranked in second spot in a ranking headed up by the NBA, whilst the Whites come in ahead of Barcelona.

According to this ranking, thanks to the club's three straight Champions League triumphs, Real Madrid offers its two main commercial partners, flight company Emirates, whose logo features on the front of the team's shirt, and Adidas, one of the leading sports manufacturers in the market, great visibility. In addition to the aforementioned companies, Real Madrid also boasts other partners with a high commercial value, such as Audi, EA Sports, Hugo Boss and Mahou.
Held as the world's leading assessment tool for the sports sponsorship market, the POWA index is also the only available tool for clubs, leagues, federations and brands to obtain a global assessment of the market. Coming in behind the NBA and Real Madrid are Barcelona, the NFL and the Premier League.

1 NBA 98,038

2 Real Madrid 91,521

3 Barcelona 89,411

4 NFL 84,264

5 Premier League 62,758

6 Manchester United 62,011

7 UEFA Champions League 54,206

8 LaLiga 46,637

9 Liverpool 45,738

10 Arsenal 44,294