Real Madrid - Sevilla

Solari: “We'll fight to the end in all three competitions”

NEWS | 19/01/2019 | Javier Vázquez

“Nothing is impossible for Real Madrid and today we're back on the road to winning games”, said the coach.
Santiago Solari appeared before the press in the media room at the Santiago Bernabéu following the win over Sevilla. The coach was full of praise for his players: “They performed brilliantly. It's difficult to pick out any one name. It paid off, every player fought hard, we played some good football and pressured high, I would like to congratulate the players on their efforts today”.

“It's always more than just the three points when you're up against a direct rival, because one team gets the points and the other loses them. The celebration was worthy of Casemiro's wonderful goal, and it was tense because I couldn't see if it was going in or not. It was a fantastic effort, not only because of the significance of the game, but because we needed that breakthrough”.

“He was outstanding. Considering he had big gash that they had to stitch up… He's a fighter, he played a wonderful second half, split his eyebrow, then after 15 minutes on the stretcher while they patched him up, he came and got the goal at the end. That speaks volumes about the spirit in this team. It was a very complete performance”.

“I'm thrilled for him and the rest of the players. As I said, we played a very complete game, we deserved to win it and so we should all be pleased, whether those who started or those who came off the bench, because ultimately we all train together”.

It's time for this team to show their competitive spirit.

“Football is about the players, it's all down to them. Each game has its circumstances, every team we play has their style and there are different, inconvenient situations for the squad to face. We still have a lot of players out to injury or coming back, we need them here. It is time to show our competitive spirit and have the younger players prove themselves, the veterans show their class, consistency and the substance that they bring to the team to make us competitive”.

Best game
“We try to keep going when things go well and next time out we want to play as well as we did today. Last week was good too. I am thankful for Machín’s words, they mean a lot because we were up against a great team who are having a fine campaign”.

”We knew we needed to take the chances when we had them. Sevilla defend well and take advantage of the spaces they get, Vinicius Jr. had a chance in the first half, but we pushed for it in the second half and it came. We are on the way to our aim, to keep winning games: we will not give up”.

“We are fighting in three competitions till the last as always. For Real Madrid nothing is impossible. I always enjoy football and the competition, it is our passion and we love it despite the tough times. We are passionate about competing and obviously it is better to win, no one can deny that”.