Rueda de prensa de Solari

Solari: "Madrid always recover, that's why this club is the most decorated in the history of the game"

NEWS | 26/11/2018 | Alberto Navarro (Roma) | PHOTOGRAPHER: Helios de la Rubia and Toni Villalba

"Every game and training session at this club are acid tests", commented Solari.
Santiago Solari took to the Stadio Olimpico media room prior to his side's final training session ahead of their Champions League Matchday 5 meeting with Roma. The Real Madrid boss previewed the game in the following terms: "At this club, every match and training session represents an acid test. Throughout the club's history, Real Madrid have had to overcome many tests and when they fall, they always recover, that's why this is the most decorated club in the history of the game. That has to be our mentality".

"We'll have to perform as we always do in the Champions League and produce a display that matches our heritage in this competition. The Éibar result was a real setback, but that's in the past now. We've analysed the performance and will be trying to improve on it. Things move on very quickly and we've got another game tomorrow, in another competition, and that's where our focus and energy has to be".

Sergio Ramos
"He's an icon at Real Madrid and within Spanish sport. It's everyone's duty to protect him. The whole point of journalism is to discover the truth, which is something that isn't open to opinion. If false information is reported, the whole meaning of journalism is lost ".

"It was a real setback, but it's now in the past. We've analysed it and will try to improve in the areas where we need to. Just as we did following our four straight wins, as soon as one game is over, you've got to focus on the next one. We're here at the Olimpico, in another competition, and all of our energy has to be on the Roma game".


"There are a lot of factors in football and not all of them are related to your attitude. Responsibility is always an individual matter and the group effort depends on the sum of all parts. There's no point in watering down the issue of responsibility and making it part of the collective. If one player doesn't defend, it makes things difficult, if two don't defend, it makes us weaker and if three don't defend, we won't be capable of beating anyone".

Casemiro's absence
"We've got several players who are capable of playing in that role, and even some of the centre-backs can play there. We've got Ceballos, who has done a good job in there. Each game is different. The players we could play in there are Valverde, Kroos, Llorente… Just like the rest of the injured players, we want to welcome Casemiro back as soon as possible."

"He's training well and he's a really important player for us. I'm counting on him just as much as I am every other member of the squad".

Memories of the Stadio Olimpico
"I spent three marvellous years at Inter and have some amazing memories. I won three league titles in a row. I remember scoring a goal here against Lazio, although I can't remember which end it was in. I've also played here against Roma and there's a fantastic atmosphere here. I recall the fans here supporting their team right throughout the game".