Eibar - Real Madrid

Ramos: "We lacked intensity and we have to take a good look at ourselves"

NEWS | 24/11/2018

“We're disappointed by the result, we must improve”, commented Kroos.
Real Madrid were unable to pick up any points in Éibar and Sergio Ramos discussed the team's feelings after the final whistle: “We head home angry because after going off on international duty on a great run which saw us pick up confidence, we've fallen to another disappointing result away from home and dropped further off the top. We have to take a good look at ourselves, we weren't at the level we should be today, we lacked intensity and that has shown in the scoreline".

"Take nothing away from Éibar, we have to congratulate them on a great performance. They made the most of their strengths very well. After a poor run of results, the team struggles for morale and when you're unable to match your opposition in terms of intensity you're just an average side".

Keep going
​"We have to keep working hard and improving in order to pick up positive results and move on. We had a good chance to cut the deficit but we'll keep fighting”.

“I'm relaxed about it. It hurts and I'll take the necessary measures with my legal team. I have never refused to do an anti-doping test and so I'm calm, I just feel for those who are trying to stain my image. They warned us a month or so ago, demanding money in attempted blackmail, but both the club and I maintained that we're relaxed about it. You can tell a lie in a thousand ways, but it's still a lie".

Ramos: "We have to congratulate Éibar on their performance".

"I took an anti-inflammatory, the information was provided and the subject was closed. In Malaga we already explained clearly what happened, we always shower during the doping tests and when they said I could take a shower, I did so. I don't know about the mafia and the like, but the truth will always come out, that's why yesterday and last month too, I slept soundly. If I give positive for anything, it's in the number of hours worked".

"I'll enjoy myself for as long as I'm here, I've been at the crest of the wave for a very long time and I'm loving it. I'll continue to give my best and be professional as I attempt to remain at the level demanded by the badge on my chest”.

Kroos: “It's hard to say exactly what happened”
“We're frustrated about the game. We're disappointed with the result and we must improve. It's true we weren't good enough. Éibar deserved that result, it's hard to say exactly what happened. Ipurúa has always been a tough place to come, they play a very aggressive style and things didn't go as we hoped, nothing we planned came off”.

“We're upset but we've got another game in three days and we have to keep going. We have to improve at the back. We weren't good enough today. Tuesday is a different game and let's see what happens”.