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    Foro Luis de Carlos 'Campeones de baloncesto'

    "The Real Madrid basketball family has made us all into greats"

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    NEWS | 29/10/2018

    Emiliano, Laso, Llull and Herreros took centre stage in the latest edition of the 
    Foro Luis de Carlos event.
    The presidential box at the Santiago Bernabéu tonight played host to the latest instalment of the Foro Luis de Carlos (Luis de Carlos Forum), organised by the Real Madrid Foundation. On this occasion, the event was entitled Campeones de Baloncesto: la Décima Copa de Europa, la 34ª Liga y la 5ª Supercopa de España. The event was attended by madridista legends Emiliano Rodríguez, Pablo Laso, Sergio Llull and the technical director of the basketball department, Alberto Herreros, as well as the managing director of the Real Madrid Foundation, Julio González Ronco. The round-table discussion was moderated by journalist 
    Siro López. At the end of the evening, a video was shown of former player Rafael Rullán in recognition of his years of work and the service he gave to the club.
    Emiliano: "The commitment to basketball has reaped virtually unimaginable fruits"
    "The firm commitment to basketball made by Florentino Pérez back in the day has reaped nearly unimaginable fruits and has made our best possible dreams come true. In my view, basketball has changed a bit compared to my day but everything has improved massively: the technical ability and fitness of the players, the facilities and the fan base, which is much bigger".

    "This team is a family and there's a great deal of work that goes on behind the scenes and ensures that the team is able to win every game. The recipe is the same as before: work hard to win. Before we gave 100% and that's still the same today. To win games you've got to score baskets and that means dedicating time to it".

    Laso: "A lot of people are involved in the work that goes into this"
    "If only it was as easy as using a philosopher's stone to achieve success... A lot of people are involved in this, starting with the president, Florentino Pérez.  The Real Madrid basketball family has made us all into greats. I'm lucky enough to be coach today and to have a president who supports us and some great bosses. There's no secret potion involved in this".

    "We work hard and have a clear idea about what it means to wear this jersey. To be a strong team you need to be a strong club. I said that yesterday and I believe it. The future is all about the excitement that we convey from the first team. Yesterday saw another young lad (Usman Garuba) aged 16 make his debut. Some leave and others stay and every one of them retains that pride to play for this club".

    Those in attendance had the opportunity to visit a previously unseen exhibition within Real Madrid's Historic Heritage Centre.

    "I'm fortunate enough to have a group of coaches and youth-team players who are very capable, but what I don't want to see is them being satisfied with just making it to the first team. Our duty is to make them into better players and people and the other day I read a statistic that strengths us as a team and club. We recognise that they're able to improve and become good players".

    Llull: "We're in a privileged position to be able to play for a club like Real Madrid"
    "It makes me proud to be here and surrounded by so many Real Madrid legends. When you do what you enjoy, the mental fatigue is minimal. We're in a privileged position to be able to play for a club like Real Madrid. If this club is known for one thing it's that there are no excuses and it's all about fighting until the very last. You never tire of winning and the happiness you feel at those times only makes you want to enjoy them again". 

    "We enjoy competing and winning and I'm proud to play here, at the club I've been at since a child. This continues to be a dream for me and I'll always give my all for this jersey. When you make the last basket in a game and win a title, you feel real joy. It brings a rush of happiness and immense joy. Before the shot goes in you feel a sense of responsibility because you've got to be brave, but I enjoyed making those decisions at those times".

    "There's no such thing as a perfect team, but if I had to choose five players that I'd like to play with, they'd be: Raúl López, Navarro, Nocioni, Reyes and the Gasol brothers. A player that I'd have to like have played alongside would be Herreros because I admired him as a child. We'd have got on well because we hate to lose and I liked the way he understood the game and the spirit with which he contested every ball and every match".

    Herreros: "We're enjoying a golden era"
    "The most important thing is to have good players and we've got them; we've got good coaches; and the work being done in the academy is amazing. Some players leave but the work goes on. We're enjoying a golden area and are happy. This team has Spanish players and foreigners who know what club they're joining and Laso has managed to find a role for each of them. I don't want to forget the fans, who create a stunning atmosphere at the Palacio every time we play. The chemistry between the players and fans makes us almost unbeatable".

    "The stability of the roster is vital. We've got foreign players who have been at Real Madrid for many years and that's really important to continue improving as we go on getting to know each other. There's no need to explain anything to them and they're actually the ones who end up telling the new players what Madrid is all about".