Rueda de prensa de Solari

Solari: “I have found a group of champions hurt but wanting to turn this around”

NEWS | 30/10/2018 | Javier García | PHOTOGRAPHER: Helios de la Rubia

"My first objective is to win in Melilla and we're really looking forward to it", said the Argentine coach.
Santiago Solari spoke in the press room at Real Madrid City after leading his first training session with the first team. The Argentine coach analysed the current state of the team before their opening Copa del Rey match against Melilla (Wednesday, 7:30pm CET): "The group is hurt but keen to turn the situation around. It’s a group of champions and warriors that has won a lot for this club. The situation is not the easiest but I can see that they want to turn it around".
"I’m really happy and really looking forward to the challenge. Working at Real Madrid is a great opportunity and a beautiful job at any level. I’ve been a player, I sweated every last drop in the shirt, like many others. Madrid in its greatness is above us all, but at the same time it includes us all, so it’s wonderful to work here".
"I've been with the team today and they don’t look at anyone negatively. They’re hurt and want to get back to winning. This is a team of champions and warriors, who have fought hard for the club and have given a lot. These are different times and in delicate moments it’s when the character comes to the front".
The cup match
"The idea is to go to Melilla tomorrow and to give everything. Go out there and play with passion, dedication and a desire to do things well. We’re all excited and looking forward to playing this game. My first objective is to win tomorrow".


"We have to go out tomorrow to play a game which as important as the rest for this club, a club which always intends to compete and win. We have a group of champions who are hurt by the situation, it’s as simple as that".
"Let’s leave him alone. He’s one of the greatest at Real Madrid. We can’t keep taking about him, better to leave him alone in his greatness and not compare him to anyone".
His future
"We’re all passing through life and in this profession even more so. Everything goes very fast and the important thing is that we work on the day to day and enjoy every moment. It’s also like that for football players. The important thing is what you do in each training session and each game".
" He's a part of the squad like anyone else, he is young and talented. He has a lot to learn and a lot to give, now and in the future. There are no players in the Real Madrid squad who’re not up to the level necessary to play".