Arbeloa inaugura el nuevo proyecto de la Fundación Real Madrid y Epicentr for Children en Ternopil

Arbeloa opens the new project between Foundation and Epicentr for Children in Ternopil

NEWS | 08/10/2018

The first socio-sporting school in Ukraine will help 200 minors.
The Real Madrid ambassador Álvaro Arbeloa visited Ukraine to open the new Real Madrid Foundation socio-sporting school in Ternopil, which has been developed in collaboration with the social organization Epicentr for children. The project on values ​​with sport as a vehicle will help 200 socially disadvantaged children from Ternopil's schools №2 and №10, as well as children in the Velyki Hai regions, who will be able to enjoy the activity thanks to the financial support of Epicentr K.

This project lets the beneficiaries take part in different activities, as well as the sports training sessions, which will be paired with educational sessions. They will get help to learn foreign languages ​​and extra-curricular activities that are of socio-cultural interest and will help boost their social integration. Epicentr K sees it is a priority, among its Corporate Responsibility guidelines, to give social support and encourage charitable projects that aid and benefit the community.

The social sporting school run by the Real Madrid Foundation and Epicentre for Children in Ternopil will help children between the age of 6 and 16 years of age who find themselves in a vulnerable situation, have been marginalised, and find themselves at risk, as well as being in problematic circumstances with their families and socially, without enough money to get by. Many of them come from single parent families and some are living in orphanages.

The project has also been supplemented by the National University of Medicine and the National Pedagogical University of Ternopil, as well as the Red Cross, the Ternopil Regional Sports Dispensary and has been given the special support of the Ukraine Football Federation, the Regional Government of Ternopil and the Velyki Hai City Council. A highly-qualified team of professionals, coordinators, social workers, coaches, teachers, education specialists, psychologists and volunteers are all involved in the running of the school.

It was set up to help children between the ages of 6 and 16 who are in vulnerable situations and risk being marginalised.

The educational methods used by the Real Madrid Foundation will be followed in this project, and they are based on the philosophy of a REAL education: Values ​​and sports and in the football training, teaching key values, which is what sets it apart from the competition, both in terms of talent searches and technical aspects.

Arbeloa stated that "the Foundation looks to ensure that all children, no matter their circumstances or abilities, learn the positive values ​​that team sports encourage and they can then integrate themselves into society, whilst being likely to be treated with more equality." We want them to be motivated to put in effort, reinforce their self-esteem and independence to act responsibly, foster healthy habits, teamwork and solidarity. These are the main values ​​that we instil in them, all while they play and enjoy themselves."
Global presence
The Real Madrid Foundation is the driving force behind Real Madrid's social action around the world, currently overseeing 900 socio-sport projects focussed on education, integration and cooperation for groups at risk of exclusion, especially children between 5 and 17 years in social disadvantage or running serious risk of being excluded. The Foundation has more than 450 schools that are similar to the project that has just started in Ternopil, in 80 different countries on five continents, and they make a difference to more than 105,000 children each season with the activities that take place.
Honorary kick-off
After the inauguration, Arbeloa took an Honorary kick-off in a friendly match with the participation of socio-sporting school and Ukrainian football legends Vyacheslav Shevchuk and Vyacheslav Svidersky, along with Edwin Congo and Jose Luis Cabrera, former players of Real Madrid.