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¡La Décima!

The Whites won their second EuroLeague in four years.


Real Madrid was proclaimed European champions in the Final Four played in Belgrade.

On May 20, 2018, Real Madrid won the European Cup for the tenth time in their history after defeating Fenerbahçe in the final 85-80. The Whites added to their legend and continue to be the most successful team on the Old Continent. In addition, they won their second title in the last four years after winning la Novena in Madrid in 2015.
La Décima will be remembered by Real Madrid fabs as a special title for the way it was won. After a tough season full of injuries, they beat Panathinaikos in the playoff without home-court advantage (1-3), Real Madrid reaching their sixth Final Four in the last eight seasons.
In one of the basketball cities of excellence, Belgrade, the team led by Laso won the trophy, playing  spectacular basketball and giving a team exhibition to defeat two European giants. First against CSKA Moscow, in the semifinals, the best team in the Regular League (82-93). In the final the opponent was Fenerbahçe (85-80), champions of the previous edition. For the first time in the decisive match the 12 players played at least 9 minutes.

Video.85-80: Real Madrid win their Tenth European Cup!

Doncic MVP in the Final Four
Belgrade crowned the best player in Europe. Luka Doncic was chosen MVP for the Final Four after averaging 15.5 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 recovery and 7 fouls and a 17.5 PIR. The Real Madrid youth won it a day after being elected MVP of the Regular Season, at the EuroLeague awards ceremony held at the Serbian Palace.
There he also collected two other awards, being the star of the night: Rising Star and member of the best five in the competition. At 19, Doncic broke all the records. The youth was very grateful for the trophy: "I have some amazing and fantastic teammates and a great coach in Laso, who gives me the opportunity to play, they trust me and they always go with me, win or lose".

Video.Doncic, 2018 Final Four MVP

This EuroLeague was the 14th title with Laso on the bench.

Real Madrid celebrated the title on the court of Stark Arena. Later, the party moved to the locker room, where Florentino Pérez congratulated the champions and Llull's traditional selfie was taken. The following day the visit to the Town Hall and the Community of Madrid headquarters took place, to offer this historic European title. The celebrations of la Décima concluded with a visit to the Palacio de la Zarzuela to be welcomed by King Felipe VI.


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