Real Madrid - Bayern de Múnich

Keylor: “We're making history”

NEWS | 01/05/2018 | Bárbara Jiménez

“The DNA of the club is to fight until the end and hopefully we can bring the Chapions League home again”, said Sergio Ramos.
Keylor Navas was one of the stand out Real Madrid players as the side qualified for the Champions League finalAt the end of the match, the goalkeeper said: "It was a very difficult match. They're a great team and we suffered a lot, but we're in the final and we're very happy. We're making history. The team never gave up and we're now going to prepare well for the final, respecting the opposition as always, whoever it is, but we're going in to it with a massive desire to win it again".
"They had no choice but to give everything. They're a great team, but we've dug in and we're in the final again. We must thank the fans for the support they gave us and that comes from everyone. We have to enjoy it together and continue with the same mentality".
Ramos: "We've got the chance to play another final"
"The final is the reward for all our hard work. The prize is that we have the chance to play in another final. We were convinced that we could do it and we managed make it to the final to defend our title. Hopefully we can bring it home again".

Lucas: “Over the two legs we were the better side”.

“Bayern are a fantastic team and they’ve shown that time and again for many years, they’re very tough to beat. When you play with an advantage from the first leg, you can’t help but think about it. We tried not to, but they even edged us in terms of possession. We struggled at times but overall, taking into account the two games, we were the better side”.
Fight to the final whistle
“You have to believe. That’s in the DNA at this club, pushing you to fight to the end. We were able to come together and dig in as a unit, that’s in the soul of this team and we deserve our place in the final, now we have to enjoy it and prepare well”.
Lucas: “We dug in well”
“We knew it was going to be tough because they’re a great side and they showed that tonight. I think on the whole, over the course of the tie, we were the better side and deserved winners. They had nothing to lose and they threw everything forward. We dug in well, shut up and played to our strengths”.