Así es la nueva camiseta para la temporada 2018-19

Here's the new shirt for the 2018/19 season

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NEWS | 28/05/2018

The white colour is combined with the black of the logo and the three Adidas stripes.
Real Madrid and Adidas have presented the kits for the 2018/19 season. With the first shirt, the white colour is combined with the black of the logo, the sponsor and the three Adidas stripes, which only appear on the shoulders. A combination which opts for simplicity and is very elegant, like the one used in 2002, when Real Madrid won the La Novena with the legendary Zidane volley goal. The buttons also return on the collar to modernise this classic design.
Another detail to highlight is the goalkeepers’ shirt. On both the first and second kits you can see for the first time a set of horizontal stripes that make them completely different. They are light and comfortable, like those of the out-field players. In addition, Adidas have this season created a line exclusively for the coaching staff, with a V-neck.
Second kit
The second shirt maintains a dark tone, like last season. Adidas have chosen the onix tech, a metallic colour that highlights the shoulder bands, which will have a softer tone, and the white of the logo and the sponsor. The neck, unlike the first kit, has no buttons and is V-neck.