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Distribution of tickets for the 2018 Champions League final

NEWS | 07/05/2018

Real Madrid have 16,626  tickets for the game against Liverpool on 26 May in Kiev.
Real Madrid will have 16,626 tickets for the Champions League final, taking place on the 26th of May in Kiev. The club will assign 13,966 of the tickets (84%) to the Social Area, broken down as follows:

-12,802 (77%) for members via a draw.
-100 (0.6%) tickets for the 100 oldest members of the club.
-70 (35+35) (0.42%) for members with reduced mobility.
-994 (5.98%) for the national and international supporters groups.

Of the remaining 2,600 tickets (16%), the distribution is as follows:
-800 (4.81%) for members of the first team (players, coaches, medics, etc...).
-160 (0.96%) for the board of directors (10 per director).
-150 (0.9%) for the football and basketball veteran players.
-200 (1.2%) for the football section (coaches, technicians and academy).
-50 (0.3%) for the basketball section.
-400 (2.41%) for club sponsors.
-50 (0.3%) for the Real Madrid Foundation.
-120 (0.72%) for the VIP area.
-600 (3.61%) for club employees according to the Collective Agreement. 
-130 (0.78%) for Protocol and Institutional Relations.

With regard to the Champions League final that was played in Cardiff in 2017, in Kiev the club has been designated 892 less tickets