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Zidane: "We're in for a great end to the season and we have to focus on the semi-final"

NEWS | 18/04/2018

“We're coming into it well on a mental level and in terms of play and we're going to stay positive”, added the coach.
Zinedine Zidane appeared in the press room of the Santiago Bernabéu to discuss the clash with Athletic. The coach was asked about his team's form: “We're talking about LaLiga, which has been problematic for us this year, particularly at home. The same thing happened again today. But we've also done good things this year and we have to look at the positives. We're in for a great end to the season and we have to think about the semi-final. We're coming into it well on a mental level and in terms of how we're playing, just not quite so good on a results basis. Two average games won't affect our positivity”.

“We have to rest up and then we've got five days before the game to train well and give it our all. We're in a semi-final and we'll give it everything we've got to defend our title. We're not going to mix anything up, we'll continue with what we're doing. We have to stay positive”.

Lacking goals
“I'm not worried. We've had chances in the last few games without scoring many but we shouldn't think too much about it. We have to be optimistic, we can't be looking at and listening to what you're saying, we'll concentrate on the positive elements. It's only been a couple of games. We have to focus on Wednesday's match to turn this around”.

“We can think there will be other players as well as Cristiano who could make the difference in Munich. We have to stay focused because it's a Champions League semi-final and we're defending our title”.


"Bale hasn’t got any problems. I’ve got 25 players and Bale is one of them. He’s not started and there are others who play and do a good job".
Mistake not signing Kepa?
"I’m not thinking about that at all. If I made the decision not to bring in a keeper in the middle of the season, then that’s that. When I start a season, I start with three goalkeepers and I finish with three goalkeepers if nothing happens. The opposition goalkeeper is young and very good but he’s not my player and in the middle of the season I don’t need a keeper".

Kepa prevents the win
"Yes, but the rest of the team did their bit too. They defended very well. The decision for him not to come was taken by everyone, but I’m the coach. I'm not going to talk about the future nor who will come or go. We have to finish the season and we’re thinking about the semi-final".
Benzema as an attacking midfielder?
"I don’t know, he could play there. He could do well as an attacking midfielder but that’s not his position. He's trying to score and he'll keep trying until the end"