Rueda de prensa de Zidane

Zidane: "We want to keep our good run going against Atlético"

NEWS | 07/04/2018 | Alberto Navarro

"We can't sit back and our intensity levels will be very important", added the Whites' coach.
Zinedine Zidane addressed the press gathered inside the media room at Real Madrid City on the eve of his side's showdown against Atlético, with the Whites' boss previewing the encounter in the following terms: "We'll be going out to win the game. We can't sit back or consider approaching it in any other way. We're up against a very good side, both defensively and in attacking terms. It'll be a good game and our intensity levels will be key. We want to keep our good run going against Atlético".

"There are three points at stake and this game is equally important for both sides. We'll just be focused on tomorrow's match and we want to cut the gap at the top. Atlético deserve to be where they are in the standings and all we can do is make up some ground on them. Out duty is to give our all in every game and reduce the gap as much as we can. We've got to continue to go all out right until the end of the LaLiga season".

Coping with games every three days
"We're managing it as we always have done. We haven't got many days to rest up, but Atlético have had less time. We're focused on playing our game and are ready, both physically and mentally. We're in good form and want to show that we can compete".

We want to have a strong finish to the season.

"There are times during the course of a season when things don't go well. We've experienced that and it went on for a while, particularly in terms of the lack of goals. We've continued to work in the same way because you've just got to remember that these things happen. The start of the season was very tough but there's nothing we can do about that now. The only thing we can do now is put in good performances. We want to have a strong finish to the season".

Cristiano Ronaldo
"We always chat to Cristiano Ronaldo and all of the players. When we've got a lot of games in quick succession, we all know that he'll need to be rested for one of them and we discuss that with him. I'm not going to share any details. Those things stay in the dressing room".

Guard of honour for Barcelona
"We won't be giving them a guard of honour. You'll ask me about it again and I've already given you my answer. It's very clear and I won't be talking about this again. It's my decision. We won't be giving them a guard of honour and that's the end of it. Barcelona broke the mould and that tradition is no longer there".

"They're all important for me and he'll be an important player until the end of the season. I believe that he'll bring a great deal to the team at particular times, but I've got to make the decisions. All of them always want to play, and all the more so in the case of a player like him. We know what he's capable of and what he has done in the past".

"He didn't warm up the other day because another player had come on. He'll be here next season, just like the rest of them. I don't believe that it's true that he only features in the less important games. We have many matches, he's a Real Madrid player and is here to stay. That's the impression I get, but we'll have to see what happens. He's been training and he's not going to let his motivation levels drop off. That's what I'm here for".

His future
"I haven't spoken to the club about that. I'm just focused on coaching and am not interested in what'll happen in the future".

"He's a great player and is a key man for Atlético. It comes as no surprise to us to see him performing so well".