Real Madrid - Juventus

Lucas: “There is no discussion on that penalty: the defender hit me and I went down"

NEWS | 11/04/2018

"I was behind the play for the penalty and I saw it as clear as day", stated Marcelo.
One of the key men in the Real Madrid-Juventus clash was Lucas Vázquez, who spoke to the press after the game and explained the penalty: “Cristiano passed it to me in the six-yard box and when I went to control it the defender hit me and I went down. I don’t think there is any discussion regarding that penalty. We have to be happy having got into the semi-finals, that is the most important. In terms of the arguing, after such a game and a penalty in the final minute… it’s normal that they contest it”.

“The Champions League is unforgiving and you have to focus for 90 minutes to be in the competition. We knew how to hold on and that goal from Cristiano was vital. Now whoever we face we must prepare well with good motivation and aim to get to the final”.

Marcelo: “We never stopped fighting”
“It was ten times more thrilling than a normal game. You never know what is going to happen in a game like that. We had to perform after those three goals and it is hard to come back against a team like Juventus, they can hit you on the counter and play well. we did it thanks to hard work, humility and the will to achieve more. Every game is different. Since arriving at Real Madrid they have taught me to believe until the last. I was behind the play for the penalty and I saw it as clear as day”.

Vallejo: “We believed up until the last”
“I was personally really looking forward to the Champions League at the start and at the end we got into the semi-finals, which is the most important point. We did not want it to go down like it did. We wanted to win for the fans, who cheered us to the hilt".

Vallejo: "My teammates really helped me".

"When Cristiano takes on the responsibility, you have to remain relaxed and keep your focus. I went for the follow-up just in case, but he tucked it away. In injury time, we held out well and were a real unit. After the break we didn't lose our nerve, we trusted in each other and the penalty perfectly summed up how we kept believing right until the end, even managing to score in injury time to get through to the semi-finals".

Champions League debut
"I want to thank my teammates, who helped me out a great deal. There are always areas to improve in. I like to watch the games back and analyse them, but I'm really happy. I hope to stay here for many years to come".

Atmosphere at the Bernabéu
"It was incredible, it's a unique experience. You can only really appreciate it when you're out on the pitch. I want to thank everyone who was supported me, because I'm in a really privileged position right now".