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Así ha sido la recuperación de Llull

Llull tells the story of his recovery: "I've never stopped thinking positively”


NEWS | 27/04/2018

The Whites' star describes how these months have been in the documentary for Realmadrid TV 'Llull, becoming myself again'. Broadcasting again today at 4:45pm.
Realmadrid TV has made an exciting documentary about Sergio Llull's recovery, which will be broadcast again today, Friday at 4:45pm, under the title Llull, becoming myself again. The star gives first person accounts about his feelings during each of the stages of an injury that has kept him off the court for eight and a half months.
Massage sessions, underwater hikes, the teammates' and fan's support and long hours of work in the gym, are some of the ingredients of return to the court. The player himself describes his first months of recovery: "The first thing is to get used to walking with crutches. Going in to the dressing room motivates me, although this silence is weird. I still have a long way to go. Music helps me avoid getting myself down".
Work in water and in the Sierra de Madrid
"The pool makes me feel good, it encourages me to be able to walk without crutches, it makes me think that I am a bit closer to returning. I can move my knee into the water and every step feels like a small victory. I've never stopped thinking positively". Another highlight of this process was climbing to the summit of Peñalara, which he describes as a turning point: "Conquering this mountain is a bit of me conquering myself". 

I've got over every obstacle.

Regarding his feelings when he returned to work out on the court, he explained: "It was a relief to remember the feel of the ball, the sound of the net when I scored a basket, or simply bouncing the ball, the sound of the sneakers on the parquet. It's the soundtrack to my life. On the court, time doesn't go as slow as in the gym, I know the sacrifice I have to give to become me again. I feel my body responding. I can now see the end of this tunnel" .
Return to training with his teammates
"Today is a special day. Beginning training with my teammates makes me aware of how little I have left. I feel more alive than ever and with the enthusiasm still intact. After so many months away, I trained with my teammates again today. This is simply the feeling of basketball again, I'm not going to struggle in the day to day, I'm going to enjoy it".
The big day
During his recovery, Llull expressed his gratitude to the fans for the message of encouragement: "I really want to give them something to enjoy again out on the court". And the big day came. The Menorcan was true to his word and on 25 April he returned to the game against Panathinaikos: "I have been dreaming about this moment for a while now. I got this shirt on again. I know very well how difficult it's been to get here and all those who have helped me to achieve it in this tough wait that is finally over. I'm me again".