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Real Madrid - Getafe

Ramos: “The important thing was getting back to winning ways”

NEWS | 03/03/2018

"We’ve got the first-leg advantage against PSG but we know they’re strong opposition and we’ll have to dig in", said Casemiro.
Sergio Ramos spoke to the press following the win over Getafe at the Santiago Bernabéu: “Every game is difficult. It’s true we’ve got home advantage here, playing in front of our fans, but even though people think it’s an easy fixture, that’s not the case. We did a good job today, we controlled the game with the extra man and the important thing was to win and put three points on the board, which is exactly what we’ve done”.

“We know what the Champions League means for us. We played well in the first leg and now we’re heading to Paris where we’ll try and play with the same level of discipline. We know it’ll be difficult but that i sour goal. We’ve got so much to play for. We’re up against a very tough side and we’ll have to maintain our concentration, play like we did here, because they’ve got incredibly dangerous players from an attacking point of view. We’ll try and play to our strengths to make it through to the next round”.

“He got a bit of a run out just to get some minutes under his belt, which is crucial because he’s a player who can make a difference. After injuries to regular starters, the sooner we can get the whole squad back together and fit, the better it will be for us”.

Casemiro: “We did our job at home”
“We enjoyed it and played very well, especially when they went a man down because we were able to control the game. It was obvious Getafe struggled physically after the sending off. We had control of the game and we did a good job at home. Cristiano showed again he’s the best in the world and he brings so much to the team”.

Marcos Llorente
“He’s a great professional, he works hard every day and he has to make the most of the minutes he gets by playing like he did today, it was a great performance. It’s no surprise to us that he’s playing this well”.

Marcos Llorente: “This win gives us a confidence boost for Tuesday”.

“We have to take things game by game. Barcelona have dropped off a bit and they’ve got a tough game tomorrow against Atlético, and we know LaLiga is a long way off, but we can’t give up on it.  We always try to do our best and I don’t agree with some of the criticism we faced for the Espanyol match, none of the front three won the game either. The criticism is frustrating because we’re working to win LaLiga, and even though we know we’ve not been great, we’re fighting to get there”.

“I haven’t spoken to Neymar, but in these kinds of matches everyone should be involved. It is a game he won’t play, but PSG have top players. Now Di María will feature and he is top class. We have the advantage but they are a tough side and will make us suffer: It will be a great game. Hopefully Modric and Kroos will play. I cannot confirm anything but hopefully they’ll be ready. They are top drawer and I’m used to having them alongside me”.
Marcos Llorente: “We played well"
“One thing to highlight is defensive quality. We played well, we were compact and helped each other. That bodes well for Tuesday. It was the first time I played with Casemiro and we trained well together. I was comfortable alongside him and I’m content above all because of the three points. We want to win and play well, the fans love that, and I think we did that today. We play faster and more fluently at home, we score more and create more”.
Zidane has been here a long time, we’d die for him. We believe in him. Obviously Cristiano Ronaldo is really important for us and this goal scoring run is ideal, it helps us”.
Champions League
“PSG have important players who can’t play, just like we may have players missing too. We have to give 100% and we have a deep squad, whoever plays, we play well. The key is winning and getting through.
“I saw Nacho’s penalty up close and perhaps it wasn’t a penalty. He got the ball, but it is up to the ref. It happened very fast”.