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Kroos: “I'm looking forward to playing against PSG, they'll be difficult games”

NEWS | 12/02/2018

"They’re a difficult team, not only because of their forwards, but the most important thing is to focus on what we do", said the German midfielder.
Toni Kroos and journalist Rodrigo G. Fáez shared a five-star meeting for Mahou in which the Whites’ player analysed the tie against PSG: "We’re not only coming up against three of the best forwards in the world, we’ll face one of the best goalkeepers, four of the best defenses, three of the best midfielders and three of the best forwards".
"They’re a good team, difficult, but not only because of their forwards, of course they are very good, fast and score lots of goals, but we have to concentrate on our game, as well as the opponent, because we also have great forwards, midfielders, defenders and goalkeepers, that's why we have to focus on what we do, which is the most important thing".
"This year will be difficult against PSG, of course, but so was last season, when we played against Bayern, Atlético and Juventus in the final. We came up against the best teams and we managed to win the title again after having won it in 2016. I'm looking forward to these games. They’re going to be tough, of course, because PSG are a great team. But I'm looking forward to it and I'm optimistic".
Time at the club
"From the first day I felt very good at Real Madrid. It’s undoubtedly the biggest club in the world and we have achieved a lot in recent years. I hope we continue doing so in the future. Every title is special, especially my first league, which we won last year, because I had a goal of winning the league in Spain as well. And, of course, the two Champions Leagues because it’s the most difficult competition to win. In Europe there’re always a lot of great teams that are trying to do the same thing and we won it twice in a row. It was incredible".

I feel very good at Real Madrid. It’s the biggest club in the world and we’ve achieved a lot in recent years.

"When you win the Champions League once it’s difficult to remain motivated, to keep the hunger to continue winning everything, but it was possible with this team. We had a great mentality. We were happy to have won one, but we didn’t stop working hard or being motivated. The opposite. We worked more than before to defend the title, which is the most difficult thing to do. We won it and we were happy, but again, football continues and we have to continue working to hopefully win more in the future".
"I don’t have any special rituals or superstitions for these games. The only thing is in the last seven or eight years I’ve keep the same model of boots and I'm not going to change them because I feel comfortable with them".
Life in Madrid
"I've been in Madrid for three and a half years and I enjoy living here. People who know me know that I like the warmer climate and we have it here. First of all, I’m happy at the club and in the team, because if not it would be difficult. My family is also happy and I think my children enjoy being able to play nine or ten months a year with sunlight. I like the climate and the Spanish cuisine, although I also like the German one".
Future plans
"After I retire, I would like to live in Germany, because it’s my country of origin, my language, and snow can also be beautiful sometimes. Although I may stay for a while in Spain because I feel comfortable in the country, like my family. Why not?".
Toni Kroos Foundation
"I think I have to do something to help and I want to help. I have a wonderful life, I don’t go without anything, but I know there are many children with problems and illnesses. When I see my children, who are healthy, I realise that they are the best thing I have and that there are many parents who have problems with their children, who are sometimes very sick. It’s always important to see that other side of life to know what is important and I try to help as much as I can with the foundation. It should be normal and I try to do my best".