Real Madrid - Leganés

Zidane: “It was a real blow and I take full responsibility”

NEWS | 24/01/2018

“After winning the first leg, we can't be starting the game like we did today”, said the coach.
Zinedine Zidane reflected on the Copa del Rey clash with Leganés in the media room at the Santiago Bernabéu, and the madridista coach had the following to say: “After winning the first leg, we can't be starting the game like we did today. It's a logical result because the opposition played their game and we failed to do that. I take responsibility, I consider it a failure. I'm disappointed, I take full responsibility, but tomorrow is another day and we have to get up and think about Saturday's game. It's a real blow today”.
“We mustn't get carried away, but it's tough to take. We know in a knock-out tie it's a case of playing two games. We did what was asked of us in the first, but we can't start a game like we did today. I'm in charge of this team and I got several things wrong. We'll have to analyse it. We'll have to wake up tomorrow and turn our attentions to the next game because there's nothing else we can do. Nobody expected this, but that's football”.
His lowest point?
“Yes, I face up to what I do, and something was wrong today. After winning 0-1 away, going into the return leg and having a first half like that... I'm angry and I can't understand it. Now we have to work out how to pick things up again”.
Aiming for the Champions League
“Of course. We've lost one competition and we're a long way off in LaLiga. Our objectives aren't what we'd planned for at the start of the season. All we can do now is think about the remaining games, starting with Saturday, and prepare well for February 14”.
“I'm not angry with my players, I'm angry with myself. They give it their all, run hard… I am responsible. They have to accept a degree of the responsibility because they're the ones out on the pitch. We're all to blame, but I'm the one who's responsible”. 


"The key is to keep working hard. I’ll take stock of the situation and continue working as I always have. After two positive results and the first leg win, today was a setback. We’re going to keep going because we have to change this and there are still lots of games in which to do that".
The players’ level
"The problem is today's performance. You can’t explain the first half, at times things were going well but then at others things just don’t come off. The players give it their best and in the second half we tried hard and we created chances. I’m very disappointed with the first half. We have to think that we have to give more because what we’re giving at the moment isn’t enough. We have to train harder and think about giving more".
Is everything at stake against PSG?
"Obviously, it's crystal clear. I’m responsible for this, I’m the coach. I have to find the solutions. We found ways through but not enough. I take responsibility for the situation, I’ll continue working and fighting. I'm going to try things to make the team better and that's it".
Bale and Cristiano
"I take responsibility for my decisions; the players have to rest. Looking at today's team you can’t say that it isn’t a competitive team because it was. In the first half we didn’t compete. The problem was we lost the game".
The season
"I don’t know if it's the worst Real Madrid, I don’t care. I think about the positives, regardless of tonight. 2018 is not over, it's difficult, but we have to look at the situation and get up tomorrow because we have a match on Saturday".