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Zidane: “We played brilliantly and I am happy to have won the title”

NEWS | 16/12/2017

“The balance this season is good and we must continue in this manner”, the coach stated.
Zinedine Zidane spoke to the press after winning his second Club World Cup as Real Madrid coach: “It is a great moment for all madridistas and everyone who loves this club. There have been some great brilliant moments and we are witnessing them first hand. We have to enjoy today, the balance is good and we must continue in this manner. We are going home to relax, and then turn our attentions to el Clásico”.

“We played well from the off, with intensity. We got into the game well. We had defensive balance and possession. We our players turn it on it is very hard for the opposition. We played brilliantly and I am thrilled to have won this title”.

“We have that dream. We have won our fifth this year and we will keep on. Now we must enjoy, rest up and think about the rest of the season. We must enjoy this moment, it really is fantastic”.

We are going home to relax, and then turn our attentions to el Clásico.

“Our returns so far this season have been very good. That’s another trophy to follow the two Super Cups. We had to win it and we’ve done just that by playing some great football. Over the course of a season you’re going to have some games that are a bit more difficult but that’s to be expected. In the five months of competitive action, we’ve got some good results”.

His 8 titles with Madrid
“I’m thrilled with all of them because every trophy is important. If I had to choose one, the most demanding competition of all is LaLiga and it’s the only one we’ve won so far. I’m happy with all of them, but with LaLiga in particular”.

Comparisons with Del Bosque
“I couldn’t have imagined it, Del Bosque was my coach. I have enormous respect for him and I’m very happy to be up there with the amount of titles we’ve won. I want to carry on in this vein. You have to congratulate the players for all they’re achieving”.

Would you like Cristiano to sign a new contract?
“Of course, as soon as possible. It’s crucial for us that he stays here right until the end of his career. He’s here at his club, and his home. Nobody is going to repeat what he’s been able to achieve and what he is still achieving. I hope he stays here until he retires”.