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Real Madrid - Valencia

Marcelo: "We had the better of the chances"

NEWS | 28/08/2017

"We showed guts and grit and had the chances to have won it", explained Carvajal.
Marcelo was captain for Real Madrid in the game against Valencia. The full-back said: "We didn’t win, it feels like a defeat after we played so well. We had the better of the chances but that’s football. That's what happens when you don’t covnert your chances. Drawing here is like a defeat for me".

"I haven’t spoken about the referee for a while and everyone has to do their job. Sometimes they get it wrong and sometimes they get it right, for me it was a penalty".

Praise for Asensio
"He's on form, is working hard and playing well. I wish him well because he's doing well individually and for the team".

"Karim scores a lot of goals and he's upset today that he wasn't able to help the team. There are games in which the ball doesn't want to go in and it simply won't".

"When the Bernabéu whistles you it's down to you to work so that they don't. They're entitled to whistle and call for the players to improve their performances".

Carvajal: "We showed guts and grit" 
"It was a really high-octane encounter that opened right up in the second half and became end to end. We claimed a point, it's the start of the season and perhaps we've paid the price for what's been a really intense month".

Nacho: "The ball just didn't want to go and it was disappointing that it ended in a draw".

“We had all kinds of chances and the game could have gone our way. There's a long way to go and we now have to recover. Valencia are a great side. We had our opportunities but they took their chances when they came along. We’ve dropped two points today. We showed guts and grit to snatch an equaliser and then in the two clear-cut chances we had, a combination of their goalkeeper’s talent and our bad luck prevented us from scoring".

"He's a great player. He's proving it and is helping us a lot".

Nacho: "It was disappointing that it ended in a draw"
"It was a fine game for the spectator, but we head home unhappy with the result. Valencia produced a great performance and we knew that they'd be very tough opposition. We too put in a great display and looked comfortable in many spells, but the ball just didn't want to go in. We had some clear-cut chances and it was disappointing that it ended in a draw".

Casemiro in defence
 "We were up against a really tough side and we gave it our all, that's our job. Our squad is jam-packed with sheer quality. Casemiro did well and we're prepared for everything. I was comfortable next to him, we linked up well".