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Bwin de Casemiro

Casemiro: "To win we have to be together and play as a team"

NEWS | 25/05/2016

“We hope that our fans are behind us and they fight with us until the end”, he said to Bwin.
Casemiro spoke in an interview with Bwin about the Champions League final on Saturday against Atlético (8.45pm CEST). The Whites' midfielder said: "Since January we've been doing a great job and we are growing a lot along the way. It was very difficult to get to this final, we have to make the most of it and hopefully it'll be Real Madrid who win. We're going to fight until the end".

"We hope that our fans are behind us and they fight with us until the end. In the last games we played at home against Wolfsburg and City, the fans helped us a lot. They're very important to us. I say to them that they should not stop believing in us because we're going to fight until the end to come home with the Champions League".

"I believe in them. All the players have to score, not just the BBC. They help us when they're well, they're the best in the world. But we all have to work together and play as a team because that's how we'll win the Champions League".

Torres and Griezmann
"They're two great players but you must rate all of the Atlético's players because they do a lot of things well. They're not in the final because of luck, they've done a great job. You have to rate all of their players because they're very good".

"He's having a great season but I'm sure that Cristiano, Bale, Benzema and the rest can score. I'm sure we'll get a goal".

Number of goals in the final
"Hopefully the majority are for Real Madrid. We know that each game is different but hopefully Real Madrid will win the final".