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Aniversario de la Federación de Peñas Madridistas de la Comunidad de Madrid

Florentino Pérez attended the anniversary meal of the Community of Madrid's Federation of Supporters' Groups


NEWS | 08/01/2016 | Nacho Díaz | PHOTOGRAPHER: Ángel Martínez

At the event tribute was paid to the basketball department for last year's five titles.
The Real Madrid supporters' groups in the Community of Madrid have held their traditional anniversary meal. The event, which took place at the Asador Donostiarra, was attended by Real Madrid president, Florentino Pérez and the second vice-president, Eduardo Fernández de Blas, amongst others.

Tribute was paid to the basketball department for the five trophies they lifted last season. In attendance were the head of the basketball department, Juan Carlos Sánchez Lázaro; technical director, Alberto Herreros; Coach, Pablo Laso and players, Rudy Fernández and Sergio Llull, who posed for photos with those who attended the meal. The basketball department was presented with a commemorative plaque by the Federation.

At the end of the meal, Florentino Pérez gave his thanks to the supporters' groups for their unwavering support: "The supporters' groups are the ones that provide the backbone of madridismo, not just in Madrid but throughout the whole world. In addition, they've always been very constant in their support. The support offered by the supporters' groups is part of what makes Real Madrid great".

"It's true that it's very important to be united. I sincerely believe that the club has achieved what it has for many reasons. At times, I think that it's difficult to manage a club of this kind. Regardless of how successful we are, this is a world club. You find the club all over the world and Real Madrid has a special place amongst football and basketball fans".  

Regardless of how successful we are, Real Madrid is a world club.

"But this loyalty sometimes brings with it high expectations, which are difficult to manage. We've got used to always having to win, but we must be realistic, and when results don't go as we want them to, we have to give our backing and be united so as to continue feeding the myth and legend that is Real Madrid".

"I can't say this about the basketball team, because they've won it all. It's now going to be difficult for them, because they've set themselves very high standards. On the football side we've had a year in which the desires of the Real Madrid fans have not been met. We have to always be fighting to keep on improving".