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Real Madrid - Getafe

James: "I'm happy with my first year but next season I want to do better"

NEWS | 23/05/2015

"We fought for silverware right to the end", said Marcelo.
James was one of the scorers against Getafe, and he offered his assessment of the season speaking post-match: “The team played well and it was a deserved win. I’m happy with my first year. I wanted trophies too and we were close in La Liga and the Champions League, but I think that luck wasn’t on our side. Next season we’re going to win things and on an individual level I want to do better”.

“Between January and March a lot of players were ruled out, but we have to learn from everything for next season and do better. I like to learn day in, day out, I have ambition and I want to have room for growth and to always keep moving on an upward path”.

“Iker is an emblematic player for the club and he has to be treated with a lot of respect because he has brought many trophies”.

Marcelo: “We played good football”
"We conceded three goals in the first half but then we managed to deal with the game well and play good football. I don't rest just yet, I have to join up with the national team and I will come back raring as always to help Real Madrid".

"I try to give my all for the team every season. We haven't won any silverware but we fought right to the end. Obviously I don't come away happy having not won anything. We did everything we could".

Nacho: “Now we have to focus on next year”
"It was a good way to see out the season, we knew that it was a match to come through and now we have to focus on next season. We're world champions and European Super Cup winners; we're not very satisfied but we know that we have given our all. From January, things didn't come off for us as we'd have liked, but we worked as hard as possible and now we have to focus on next year".

Nacho: "There are no words to describe Cristiano. He's a goalscorer, the best".

"There are no words to describe Cristiano. He's a goalscorer, the best. He deserves every goal he gets. I'm happy for Odegaard and I hope that he plays many more games for Real Madrid".

"He doesn't deserve what's happening to him, he's a symbol of Real Madrid and the mirror that academy players should look at themselves in. He wants to stay here".

Illarra: “It was a good way to see out the season”
"It was a good way to see out the season in a pretty crazy match, but in the end we won and we're happy. And the team is thankful to have a player who sets the standard like Cristiano Ronaldo".

The coach
"He told us that he has felt really at ease with the whole team but he didn't say goodbye. In principle he has a contract and if the club doesn't say anything, he'll stay. This year hasn't been very good but the previous year was".